Area is very nice and has a lot to offer as far as activities for the whole family. Was unable to cross the creek on trail 10 during the winter, but instead walked trails 2, 3, and 5. Paths are well marked and laid out, the falls and cave are interesting as well. Looking forward to visiting again in warmer weather.

Gem of a place hidden in South-Central Indiana. History, nice trails, and facilities.

Pretty easy hike. The cave is what makes this trail.

Great park. This is a typical Indiana State part. Trails are broken up into 1 to 2 mile trails. Great for kids. Great for pets. I would rate very little of the trails beyond easy. Water falls are a must see. This is a must do for Indiana hikers.

3 months ago

3 months ago

Not a bad hike. Forest full of squirrels. Cave was interesting.

We had a great time here. Trail 5 leads to Wolf Cave, which can be traveled (about 5 minutes of tight quarters, ending in a belly crawl). Trail 3 leads to the Falls (can be viewed from an overlook, or you can get down into the creek and climb around). Trails 7 and 10 offer beautiful creekbed hikes. Some areas are deep enough to "swim" even after days of no rain. Be ready for the 130+ stairs back up and out of the trail. This place is kid friendly (we took our 2 year old), but a carrier helped greatly in rocky, slick, and unstable areas.

4 months ago

The trail was nice and worth the 1.5 hour trip but not remarkable.  Wolf cave, which is along the trail, is pretty cool.  Don't wear stuff into the cave that you don't want to get too dirty like the new shoes I wore because you'll be on your hands and feet at times.

This was a good trail along the river. we went up it and down the river as well. I enjoyed climbing over the rocks on the sides of the river a lot.

Great trail along river(trail3). Bug spray is a must. Visit wolf cave (trail 5) but know that you will be crawling and you may want knee protection and a flashlight. FYI they sell minor hats with a light for children at the Inn. We were able to see red headed woodpeckers, yellowtail butterflies, millipedes, newts or salamanders. We did see people swimming in the river. Bring drinking water.

7 months ago

Great scenery walking along the creek. Enjoy taking the kids to the nature center. Be sure to sit and what some crazy birds and squirrels in the observation room while at the nature center.

Easy to moderate 2 mile hike on wide trail. Goes through the nature preserve past sink holes to Wolf Cave which is a small cave that can be crawled through. The track then continues through the preserve and crosses creek several times and has well graded hills. Dogs would be welcome. Not handicap accessible.