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20 days ago

nice trail, if blow down from tornado is removed will be even better. Lots of elevation change.

1 month ago

I have backpacked this loop several times over the years. This trail is typical of what you can expect on the KT. It is wonderful for training for the AT or Philmont. Last completed in June of 2016. It is great to see the northern portion opened again after being closed in 2014 & 2015. It is exactly what you would expect for the KT. Bring trekking poles - while the climbs are not long they do take a toll. Not for the beginning backpacker.

We did 11 miles last fall. This trail lets you get warmed up for about the first 4 miles, then after that your getting a work out.

The trail itself is actually 5.6 and is now closed for timber harvesting. About a mile and a half is still open, but you will have to turn back. Slightly disappointing.

4 months ago

Simply beautiful...

5 months ago

It's a good challenge. Lots of hills. The clear cuts that the trail goes through were terrible. No markers in those areas( all the trees with markers were taken down) and easy to get turned around in. Kind of makes you wonder why they call it resource management. Could definitely use some basic maintenance, but overall a good trail.

great beautiful Trail one big downside extremely overcrowded

7 months ago

Just hiked from the Oxley to the elk creek trailhead. The map said it was a little over 5m but my garmin gps showed almost 10m. We never got lost or went off trail so I'm not sure what is up with that. This is a challenging trail by the time I reached the last hill (felt like a mountain) I was beat.

Nice views and a little challenging. I enjoyed it. Not one of my favorites but definitely a cool trail.

Love it. It says it's hard but my 6 year old girl have done it, with some help tho.

Great hiking trail! Never get tired of hiking starve hollow. they have the 3 mile lake trail and then an even longer trail in the back if you want more of a 3 or more hour long trail.

Good trail for late fall and early spring. Summer time its extremely buggy.. as in lots of mosquitoes.

We hiked Vista Trail (by way of the Nature Trail and Lakeshore Loop Trail) and enjoyed the multiple ascents and descents. The trail was very challenging at times, though definitely worth the exertion. It was well-marked but some parts were a little overgrown, and we probably walked through poison ivy (so pants are recommended). We hiked on a Weds afternoon and didn't see any other hikers.