The trail itself is actually 5.6 and is now closed for timber harvesting. About a mile and a half is still open, but you will have to turn back. Slightly disappointing.

3 months ago

Simply beautiful...

great beautiful Trail one big downside extremely overcrowded

Nice views and a little challenging. I enjoyed it. Not one of my favorites but definitely a cool trail.

Love it. It says it's hard but my 6 year old girl have done it, with some help tho.

Great hiking trail! Never get tired of hiking starve hollow. they have the 3 mile lake trail and then an even longer trail in the back if you want more of a 3 or more hour long trail.

Good trail for late fall and early spring. Summer time its extremely buggy.. as in lots of mosquitoes.

We hiked Vista Trail (by way of the Nature Trail and Lakeshore Loop Trail) and enjoyed the multiple ascents and descents. The trail was very challenging at times, though definitely worth the exertion. It was well-marked but some parts were a little overgrown, and we probably walked through poison ivy (so pants are recommended). We hiked on a Weds afternoon and didn't see any other hikers.

I've done this trail 3 times and it is now a yearly must for me. It is a challenge to get to the trail, but walking the wide trails along the knobs is a lot of fun. Fun trail!

Hiked trail 1, 10, 2 and trail 3. An enjoyable but strenuous hike. Trail 1 is a one mile hike to the top of the ridge that is picture worthy. Trail 10 is a three mile easy to follow trail off of trail 1. The first half of Trail 2 takes you to the top of the ridge with nice views. The second half is an enjoyable single track the criss crosses a quiet stream. Trail 3 is an easy 1 mile trail that took me back to the car. Bring a water bottle and your camera and enjoy this quality hike.

Completed a portion of the trail at Delaney Park. Parts were closed, so we had to make up some of our own route. One of the more challenging trails in Indiana.

A fun day hike and a grat place to play in the woods. This is the section of trail that I most frequent on the KT.

I actually hiked the delaney park loop which is not listed on It was not very well maintained and was closed down but I hiked it anyway. You have to search for blazes and it's really easy to get off the trail.

A wide, well marked trail. The sign said the trail was 5.6 miles. Not suprised to read others claim over 7 miles. First few miles put the hiker on a ridge with peaceful views looking down to the valley to the right or the lake to the left. At the halfway point the trail changed directions and headed down to the valley and through the woods. I walked beside a quiet stream. I crossed the stream in multiple places.. Hiker might get wet feet during the rainey season. The climb out of valley and back to ridge will test your endurance. A quiet hike in the hills of southern Indiana. Very enjoyable. The trail took two hours.

This is loop trail covering 6+ miles. Starting @ the trailhead by the lake the trail is flat & very easy with nice wooded forest. Trail was dry, but my brother, who has hiked this before in the early spring, said that it can be a bit sloppy in places. After close to 2 & 1/2 miles trail makes left turn & begins a steep ascent, which doesn't last too long. Upon arriving on a ridge, you will be glad to hear that most of the rest of the trail will be mostly flat. Eventually you will come to a gravel road & you will go left & continue following the white blazes. At around mile 4 & 1/2, the trail will start to decend. Be careful, lots of places to lose your footing on the way down. Hiking stick is highly recommended. When you arrive back @ the lake, go right onto the trail & it will take you back to parking lot. I would rate this as moderate given the distance, with a short difficult ascent. Enjoyed it tremendously. My brother & I hiked this in October in sunny chilly weather. I was visiting from Western North Carolina.

Great trail. Very well maintained. Most of the trail is easy once you climb to the top of the escarpment. This park also has other trails that connect with the outer loop to give you more options and scenery.

From Delaney Park to Elk Creek Park, Beautiful and tough, climbs are steep and close. With a heavy backpack makes it a very hard trip. But love it, enjoy it, best keep secret in Indiana. Did not make all the way to Elk Creek, was picked up at highway 56.