The track and photos that are on here are inaccurate. The track is a trail on the other side of town. I have no idea where the photos were taken but they are not anywhere around this town.
Today was a lovely fall day and I was the only person out there. Tall trees and changing leaves made this a lovely day in the woods.

3 days ago

I revisited this trail today as it connected to the other trail in this woods. This time I was not covered with chiggers when I got home, like last August when I hiked it and left the trail to find a geocache. As a local, it is nice to see this nice touch of nature in the middle of town.

You know for being in the middle of town, not a bad hike. If you need a break from the hussle and bussle this is a great day hike. Nature center has a nice bird sanctuary as well.

Nice Trail with lots of "loops" and chutes within it. We actually almost go lost.