Great trail. Parking is on brownstown Rd in a small gravel lot. Follow the trail behind the gate to the dam and then follow the dam into the woods. Goes along the ridge lines with some pretty steep climbs. Views are awesome. Old firetower is about 2.5 miles in and offers awesome views of the forestry and surrounding areas. Not quite 5.5 miles but a decently hard hike still. Def recommend.

Love all the KT but this is one of my favorite, I really need a hike to clear my head trails. The trails are clearly marked and had some debris but easy to skirt around.

This is not where the shaw lake loop is is a horse trail in a northern track of the Henryville Forestry.

I hiked this portion a couple years back with a buddy and it kicked our butts. We still had an awesome time though. Not for the weak.

5 years ago

I found the area. I found a sign that said Cabin by the Lake and went back a gravel drive. I saw the lake. I saw a cabin. Then I saw a No Trespassing sign. Never did find a trailhead. After I saw the No Trespassing sign, I turned around and left. If anyone can tell me if there is a trail there and how to find the trailhead, I would still like to check this out. I like the area for hiking since the terrain is a bit rough.