3 months ago

I've been to this place before but have always found it a little boring. Not today! I found an unmarked trail that followed Poplar Creek off of the red trail. Hidden back from the paved trail I found so much natural beauty. Can't wait to go back and explore more of the unmarked trails in this preserve and the ones across 59. I've been warned many Pokémon weirdos hang out here but I was very happy not to run into them.

6 months ago

road biking
8 months ago

on Bode Lake

trail running
2 years ago

While this place is okay, it's not really what I look for in a trail run. Only the horse trails are not paved. There are many road crossings on rather busy roads. Had a problem with the crossing signals at 59 just south of 90 which made for an interesting crossing. The drivers are in quite a hurry. There are only a few areas away from the busy roads (including I-90), so these trails are not good for getting away from it all.