beautiful views and an easy trail to navigate for a nice walk.

Nice hike for kids or those who only want a short hike. Best time to come is during or right after a long rain storm. Lots of areas to explore off the main trail.

the "waterfall" was dried up. but there was caves on the other side of the park that was fun.

One of my favorites. To see the waterfall you should hike it in the late Spring, early Summer or after a period of rainy weather for the area. Very easy trail, strollers can be taken on it.

me and my four yr old hiked today. it was beautiful and fun. most the water was dried up though.

4 months ago

Beautiful spot. Hiked in from campground along the base of the cliffs. Great experience viewing the rock faces, plants growing out of rock, cool air from the cracks/caves. Trail to the falls is easy and flat, a mother was pushing a stroller. Very little water but still breathtaking.

Rocks to climb. Pet on leash. Walk with kids. Loved it!

Beautiful! Living in western KY all my life I can't believe I've never been here. Easy, short trail to falls, but lots of side trails for more adventure. My 2 boys looooved it!

Fun hike with all types of terrain on and off trails

Great easy trail for everyone, wide, flat and easy for everyone. Lots of rocks along the way for kids to climb on. And the waterfall is beautiful!

I don't think this one is 2 miles, maybe 1? But I would have to check next time. Very easy. Kids love the water and waterfall.

nice trail. we started at the campground and went the wrong way when we got to the main trail. a sign would had been nice. oh well. had a blast, was easy enough for my 2 kiddos and the dog we had with us.

Beautiful waterfall, skeptical about this trail being 2 miles. Still enjoyed the hike, and climbing up behind the waterfall. This is at a state park and another hiker said there are other worthwhile trails the area, but we were at the end of our trip and had to leave.

Karen and I rented a cabin near Carbondale this weekend (Cabin on the Hill), and were looking forward to a weekend of hiking and relaxing. Depending upon how you look at things, southern Illinois got its first dose of winter weather the week leading up to our trip. Unfortunately, we did not know that most state park roads are simply closed when covered in snow; so many of the trails we were looking forward to seeing at Ferne Clyffe State Park were closed.

That being said, we did find a trailhead at a campground for the Waterfall Trail, and away we went. During this hike, we also hiked a portion of the Big Rocky Hollow Trail, the Rebmon Trail, and Hawk's Cave Trail. The hiking was pretty slow due to all the snow and ice on the big limestone shelves and rocks on the trail. We saw plenty of neat rock formations and enough stuff for me to want to head back and check out more of the trails in this southern Illinois state park.

Difficulty: Moderate
Ascent: 453 ft
Descent: 303 ft
Max Elevation: 869 ft