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26 days ago

Was definitely worth it. I can't wait to return to Shawnee National Forest and do some more of the trails. After not having done any hiking in a good three months this was a great one to get back into it. My friend and I took a couple of detours off of the trail to do some more intense climbing/hiking/backpacking and we definitely broke a sweat. The views were fantastic and it's even better that we had no idea what to expect. Make sure you take some waterproof shoes or boots though if you're interested in being more adventurous.

Beautiful land bridge just a short hike from the parking lot at the trailhead. The road is gravel and dead ends into the parking lot, so just keep going! Worth visiting if you are in the area.

Short distance, but with so many rocks to climb on you could spend hours here. Great for kids, dogs are allowed on leashes, and ours loved it! Had a great time here!

28 days ago

Did this one today. I parked on Boat Dock Road and hiked to the north trail head and back. Nice trail, and pretty easy to follow. I am pretty sure I did the Wolf Den trail both on the way in and the way back. Hard to say for sure, as the signage was a little ambiguous. Awesome scenery and a little bit of a challenge. Took me about 4 hours total.

This is a shorter hike and the description "a paved trail with steep ups and downs" is accurate. You will have to be prepared to climb some small hills and you will also run into a small set of stairs on the trail. The trail is mostly paved, which is nice. It is only a short distance from the Cape Girardeau Nature Center -- you could park in the parking lot and take a stroller to the trail. Just remember if you use a stroller that there will be lots of hills -- this didn't stop us, but could be an issue for some. Good way to end a Nature Center trip!

LOVE this trail. It is my absolute favorite in Illinois! Any time a friend says they havn't been, I take them. It is a very short trail if you are going for distance. The whole fun of it is to explore and climb around on the big rocks. Gives you a nice little rush. I recomend going in the fall when the trees are going becasue it is by far the best view. Also, I like to go on a weekday becasue it does get pretty crowded on weekends.

I'm so glad I found this place! Not a very long trail system, but endless exploring opportunities. Loved the canyons. I would be interested in seeing this place after a good rain....

1 month ago

Could really be considered part of the Rim Rock trail, this portion is the lower portion along the creek and along pounds lake. Very pretty area's and well kept. The trial as marked here includes the Rim Rock trail.

Trail is easy to moderate except for one tough section where you have to climb (or descend) the cliff face. However,even this section is well marked with easy to cover stairs.

1 month ago

I took the trail clockwise which started near the vault bathrooms. I arrived right at 7am and there was only one other car parked in the lot. The views were pretty good and the hike wasn't as challenging as it seems. I would rate this hike moderate at best. I would recommend good traction shoes as the rock was extremely slippery getting in and out of the canyon. Overall, good hike that took about 80 minutes to complete.

Not really a hike, more of an over look, but well worth the stop. Beautiful sights and panoramic views! Bring a snack and pick a rock to relax on and just enjoy being present.

Fantastic time. This trail really gives you a wide variety of sights to see and is a great chance to do a little exploring of your own. Climbing down the canyons and then walking through them was so fun. This trail was over 2 hours away and my friends said they had no regrets about the trip.

Really easy hike with small climb to parking lot. Really neat place. worth a visit. Can easily fit this and Little Grand Canyon in on 1 day.

The fact that it is so family friendly is why I gave it a 5 star. Absolutely amazing rock features. Don't miss the Middle!!!!! We just happened to take a small trail which headed to the center. It reminded me of the movie Labyrinth in the maze. The rest of the trail is really cool too.

Absolutely Amazing place!!! Never been anywhere like it. You could very easily take a side trail and get yourself hurt here but could spend the whole day on this 3 mile trail. Will continue to come back and drag as many friends along with me as I can.

This was an extremely crowded trail. The views were spectacular. It only took us a half hour and we were in the area so it was worth doing. It was a paver and concrete trail.