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Stunning and perfect for the winter... There is no foliage hiding the rock formations

Very easy trail, perfect for families with small children, dogs and even the elderly will be able to enjoy the stunning views and Rock formations. A real gem in Southern Illinois

We did this hike last summer with our dog Artemis. He was only 7 months at the time. The trail was great! A little confusing as we don't live in the area and did not realize you had to make your way down the ridge and instead we made our way into the forest where the trail disappeared. We followed the river bed back to the path down into the ravine so it wasn't too bad of a detour.

The scenery was beautiful! There was some climbing involved as you make your way down, but nothing that was too strenuous and nothing Arty had any problem doing alone. There was even a part there it becomes very steep and you have to climb with small stepping foot holds. I was sure I was going to have to turn around and have him lifted to me by my husband but as I made the first few foot holds, Arty bounded right up after me no sweet.

Definitely coming back to visit and do a few more of these trails in the area!

Wonderful trail!! Beauty the entire way through!

Loved it. Will be going back to explore the rest of the trails and spend the day.

22 days ago

I was surprised when I arrived and there was a sign that said Vehicle Decal Required. It's only $2/day, but you have to buy it 10 miles away at Crab Orchard Nat. Refuge on IL HWY 148.


Beautiful place. I went to scope it out by myself before bringing my kids up here. Had it been dry, it wouldn't have been too bad for my youngest kid, but as wet as it was today, I'm glad I went by myself. There were some tough uphill & downhills climbs on the wet rocks.
That being said, I absolutely love this place. In Southern Illinois, the only other place with better scenery is Garden of the Gods. The trails leading in & out of the Canyons are well maintained and well marked. Very easy to follow the trails w/out worrying about taking a wrong turn. It's only approx. 3 miles, but it's a somewhat tough 3 miles w/ the uphill climbs. The whole loop took me about 1 hour 45 mins to complete. I only stopped 2x to rest and drink water for a few minutes. As far as scenery in So. IL, this is easily a 5-star location. Have fun!

We will definitely go back here. There is so much to explore! The white trail is hard to follow but it is beautiful. Be prepared to get your feet wet. We crossed 3 or 4 sections we could not jump across.
We will be going back to the Yellow Trail, we didn't do the whole thing so we didn't find the ladder, but everything is beautiful along the way and you will see trees growing through rock formations.

Awesome Scenery. Be prepared for company though. We went around 3pm on a beautiful day and obviously there were a ton of people up there.