3 months ago

It is a beautiful lake. Prairie flowers are gorgeous. Some of the paths are nothing fancy- but still nice if you just need to connect to nature. Kids like chasing milkweed seeds come late late fall or the few left in early spring there. Huge open spaces to enjoy the view.

trail running
4 months ago

I believe the trail map says it just about 5 miles. About half mowed and half dirt. There are a few large stretched out in the prairie/sun. Then parts where you go in and out of the woods. You get many great views of the lake and a handful of very small areas to shore fish from.

1 year ago

It is mostly grassy trail that has hills and lower ground level trails . Its absolutely beautiful here beautiflies of every color lives there. Its also a bird watching aviary which is cool. Deer hunting season begins in October so no hiking allowed.