8 days ago

Love this place! Very flat path and very wooded. Definitely bring bug spray if it's summer. Have seen a few garter snakes sun bathing in the afternoon here-- super neat!

on Ryerson Woods Trail

4 months ago

A beautiful, easy walk in the woods. Bring the bug spray though!

beautiful! love it :)

Very pleasant

9 months ago

Nice hike but load up on the bug spray. Mosquitoes are really bad.

One of the best hikes I can find within 15 minutes of my house. The outer loop makes for a great 2-4 hour hike, depending on your pace. Completed it in about two, but that was going at a good pace to outrun mosquitos! They've been worse this year than any in recent memory. Could easily spend a lot more time exploring. My little buddy on my back had a great time too, and even got to see a couple big bucks with nice antlers that still had some velvet on them!

Loved this place, so peaceful. Unfortunately, we found three ticks on my husband and son after our walk.

Great place to hike 1-1.5 hours. Deciduous woods along the upper Des Plaines river. You'll see deer (rather abundant here) along with the normal animals and birds found in northern Illinois. Watch out for roots and fallen trees, especially in fall / winter when the leaves and snow cover these up. The walkways over the flood prone areas are great but if the temp is at freezing or below beware the black ice that builds up. Visitor center is a great place to start to get an idea on the trails and the history of this area.

2 years ago

3 years ago

Great for families with young kids. Lots of short, flat trails so you can walk just about any length you like. The area is apparently a 1930's & 40's-era vacation get-away for a steel tycoon (named Ryerson) and some friends who had log cabins on the Des Plaines river, which are still maintained and on the trails. Ryerson's summer home is also on the property and operates as a small museum / art gallery. Near the welcome center, there is a farm area with sheep, goats, and chicken.

There's not much to offer a hard-core hiker, but this is a wonderful little spot to get away from the city with your kids for the better part of a day.

3 years ago

Very nice walk. Many Mosquitos. Good map at visitor center. Almost alone there on a Sunday afternoon.

3 years ago

Ryerson is relatively easy and lightly used with several easy loops. Good for bird watching and seeing the occasional deer. A lot of beaver evidence along the river as well. Open year round but can get mesy during the winter/

4 years ago

I thought this was one of the best places to visit in the neighborhood. A great place to go to if you need to clear your mind. Very peaceful and relaxing, lots of nature sounds. Lots of options for different trails to take. It's fantastic!

A very underutilized trail in the Lake County Forest Preserve District. I was there the day after a pretty drenching evening which made the trail quite messy, but no less enjoyable. The view of the Des Plaines River is enjoyable and this is one of the better trails which is open to hikers only. (Many of the forest preserve trails are open to bikes and equestrian traffic.)

Ryerson Woods is quite close to where I live. I have been there many, many times. It is a Lake County forest preserve area. It deserves more attention than it gets. Even on weekends with beautiful weather, I am often the only person there. It it were not for the constant traffic noise from nearby Milwaukee Road, it would seem very solitudinous. Trail can be muddy after a hard rain, but there are boardwalks covering the muddiest parts. Mosquitoes can be bad during the summer, especially in the southern part of the preserve, so bring DEET.