trail running
23 days ago

Great trail for a large city. However it is definitely not a trail you would take for solitude. Bicyclists and joggers are plentiful.

2 months ago

Great trail, easy walk

2 months ago

Love this path along the lake!! Lots of people, but you can get down to the water from sections of the trail.

This is a really enjoyable biking trail with lake views and park. Flat surface, not overly traffic, in the city but without the crowds.

3 months ago

Amazing !!!!

Nice crowded.

6 months ago

One of my favorite stretches of the lake if you go up to the bird sanctuary / the magic hedge / dune areas. It isn't all pavement if you extend your hike past the harbor into the peninsula. Great for seeing birds, trees, and escaping the sound of cars!

So much to see and do!!! Never gets old.

trail running
11 months ago

Very crowded trail, but you have a beautiful view.

Am a Chicagoan, born and raised. If you haven't walked, run, or biked this trail I refuse to say you're a resident. The views are amazing, from the beautiful lake, to the art, the city, and eventually leading into the suburbs.

A flat and very busy paved bike and running path, but I do the 5 miles on it work every day in all weather. I would say the views from it can be great with stoms coming in and would suggest the south path (past the museums) if you want a path with less people. For more distance head all the way from Monroe to the end of the trail at Ardmore (around 8 miles).

Great trail with great views. Many things to see and places to stop and eat. Can be heavily congested on weekends and holidays.

Lot of fun in the summer time!! Not exactly a trail, but a paved bike path.