With its breathtaking natural beauty and unlimited opportunities for outdoor recreation, a trip to Giant City State Park near Carbondale is sure to delight visitors of all ages. From camping and horseback riding to fishing and rappelling, its an outdoor lovers paradise. Visitors will marvel at the many wilderness trails, and a sure treat awaits anyone hiking the Giant City Nature Trail, home of the Giant City Streets formed 12,000 years ago by huge bluffs of sandstone. Nestled in the Shawnee National Forest, just minutes south of Carbondale, the area was named for the unique impressions made by its massive sandstone structures. Eons of geological faulting and folding have molded a landscape like none other, which is now clothed in lush garments of fern, moss, large flowering mints, hundreds of species of wild flowers and 75-plus varieties of towering trees. The natural splendor of Giant City has made it a renowned retreat that attracts more than 1.2 million visitors annually.

I really like this trail! I never realized how pretty this part of Illinois. The leaves were starting to change which made for some great views and it has some technical sections which are a lot of fun.

Most of the trails 'sort of' interconnect via off trail path's. Keep your eye's out. So much exploring to do !!!!

3 months ago

Hiked the Red Cedar Trail today. (7/23/16) It was well marked. I only got turned around a couple of times and it was quickly corrected. The campground is hard to find. You must walk up an electric power pole right of way, in order to find it. Take lots of water. The description says easy. It's not easy. Yes, parts of it are on roads or gravel paths, but other parts are up and down hills. It balances out. I hiked the trail in 5.5 hours. It would be a nice trail to camp on, then finish the next day.

I agree western side not as well marked or maintained. Great day hike

I love it! Spending the weekend with family! It's beautiful!

It's a short trail and not bad in elevation changes. But the scenery is great and we'll worth it since the trail is right off the highway.

5 months ago

Did the Red Cedar trail this winter. It's short on the wow factor that you see in the shorter trails and the river to river in the park, but it's a good walk in the woods. The western side is not as well marked as the rest of the trail and hasn't quite recovered from the blow down a few years back. Plenty of spots to filter water.

5 months ago

14 mile loop, plan ahead to either pack extra water or purify your own. The far North end leg is cool, except overgrown and tick filled. we did the loop in 1 day but I would recommend making it an overnight trip, camp at one of the campgrounds half way down the trail.

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6 months ago

6 months ago

I did the giant city nature trail, the devil's sand table trail, and the stone wall trail. The giant city nature trail is the one you shouldn't miss.

7 months ago

This was my first backpacking experience, so I was glad to make it to the campsite at the back of the trail. the northern portion of the trail is pretty rugged- lots of hills, lots of bluffs, and lots of brush. Definitely beautiful the whole way. The trail was a bit washed out in a few places, and markers were occasionally hard to spot, but having the map from the visitor's center was really helpful. The campsite is called primitive, but there's three fire rings, a few picnic tables, and a couple outhouses. The southern part of the trail was pretty flat and easy going, and merged with the horse trail for a mile or so. The trail markers were pretty hard to spot and understand after the giant city road crossing, but again, referencing the map helps a lot. All in all, the trail was fun and in good shape. I'd recommend it to a first time backpacker, but not to the average day hiker.

Nice walk

Very nice , unusual sight ,

I hiked the 12 mile Red Cedar trail. The trail conditions varied greatly from easy to difficult. Often this trail followed a dirt or gravel forest road used both for hiking and horses. Then the hiking trail would break off from the horse trail. You need to keep an eye out for those forks in the trail. I missed a couple but with alltrails gps I was able to cut cross country and hook back up with the trail.

There was not a great deal of scenery on this the red cedar trail. The trail is approximately 12 miles. I believe my track was somewhere around 11 miles. The miles show on the iPhone app and the miles shown on the website differ.

No major problems other than missing a couple of forks in the trail. The trail is well marked if you are paying attention. Just be careful not to get you head down while on the forest roads and miss the hiking trail branching off of the road.

Not much wildlife on my trip. I did see a couple of deer and one turtle. Be sure and bring plenty of water. Once you have gone a few miles, there really is no water source unless you are prepared to filter water from the creek.

This is a good all around trail.