Small and relaxing

Excellent easy walk, just what is needed to relax.

trail running
5 months ago

Did running/bird watching. Needs a few markers or signs in just a couple spots to show where the main trails are. That whole east side you're like feet from people's backyards. Other than that... pretty nice place. I really liked it further south by the mill.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Great trails. But none are marked. Lots of side trails. Very confusing. Will give it another try tomorrow.

Nice easy trail. Lots of mini trails and great woodland scenery with Salt Creek on the side.

1 year ago

This is a nice easy and colorful trail.

2 years ago

Beautiful trail! Many side trails through the woods as well. Very well maintained. Good advice from below is to park off of Spring Rd.

Awesome trails and wonderful nature.

Great place to ride or walk around. It was not crowded when I went, had plenty of amenities, and easy access. I can see how it would be a little small if you were driving here to only ride at this place, but of you live close it's well worth the ride.

trail running
2 years ago

I took my dog for a beautiful run on this trail. I'm glad I found it. We always ran the hammel woods trail (Shorewood) and I thought I wouldn't find anything quite as nice closer to downers. I was wrong. This was peaceful, wooded, with tranquil water to make the run wonderful.

Love this trail. Great place to walk your dog or go with small children. Trail is short but very pretty, definitely worth checking out.

3 years ago

Don't follow the driving directions. There is a new beautiful parking area off of Spring Road that has lots of parking, restrooms, and a visitor center. New bridges and trails add to the beauty of this place that is perfect for strolls or easy hiking.

great place for an easy nature walk close to home.

You can park at the Grau Mill parking lot and walk by the mill under York Rd. This is a nice 3mile circle with a nature center next to Salt Creek.