Such a neat place! You have a choice between a mini boardwalk trail around the bog or several longer trails you could spend hours on if you choose. Plenty of animals and woods to see!

Very cool place. Saw lots of hummingbirds which made the hike that much better.

I've been to the Volo Bog many times, but this was my first time doing the longer trail. I hope to do this hike again when the flys are not so bad and I can enjoy it more. They were HORRIBLE. 7/18/2016

Really nice state park.

9 months ago

Love this park. Loads to see as you walk. Great place for bikes too!

on Lake Defiance Trail

2 years ago

Nice trail, easy with minimal elevations. Late October hike the leaves are gone, but still some birds and reptiles to see (turtles an garter snakes).

The whole trail was great, but I loved the boardwalk!

3 years ago

I love this trail. It is short but has a nice boardwalk. Great for bird watching.

Great place for birding and observing butterflies and other wildlife. Can't wait to make it back!

The grounds are well kept and the hiking is great. My husband proposed to me on Lake Defiance and will always return whenever we visit Illinois. TIP* bring bug spray

5 years ago

So far I have only manged to get out here in semi decent weather - it is still a great place considering how close it is to the city so I can go for a day hike. There is a super quick , I think it is like a half mile boardwalk on the water and then you can go all the way around the bog and look at different animals, plants, etc

trail running
5 years ago

Very nice trail. Lots of wildlife and things to see. Also nice that other trails connect to this loop (like the McHenry Dam) so you can turn this run into a longer loop.

I've done this loop many times, and it used to be my favorite jog. It's most enjoyable during the spring and fall, during the summer (because it is a bog) the mosquitoes can get very aggressive, but a good repellent goes a long way. It's a fairly easy trail, but part of it is on a boardwalk/alligator walk which can be a bit unsteady. It's a very diverse trail and goes through prairie, wooded area, and lovely meadows. It also has a nice overlook built in an out-of-the way spot.