Awesome place to hike

One of 4 great hilly hikes around Chicago.

1 year ago

Great loop trail with moderately difficult hike up a steep, winding trail. Great hill to train on!
Mill Creek adds a nice touch to this enjoyable trail. Horseback rider was on the trail too.

1 year ago

The "start" icon on this map is incorrect though the trail is apparently in the Elizabeth Conkey Forest. And the maps on this site need a Map Key explaining what all the symbols mean.

That being said I usually take the trail starting at the point under the "w 135th st" signage. This is the Cooper's Hawk picnic area, and I go south here to Rubio Woods. I usually do only about 1.5-2.5 miles, one parking lot to the other & back. Distance of course depends on how far you wish to go, and if you believe the mile markers set out by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. This is just part of a continuous trail throughout the forest which stretches from 131st St on the north to 167th Street to the south. Elevations, flora, & fauna all vary as well, but are totally lovely & enjoyable. Trails are asphalted and have an occasion trash bin along the way so they are usually clean. Trails are also available for jogging, cycling, roller blades. Enjoy!

nice, shady trail with enough hills and curves to keep things interesting. great place to take our dog for a hike, just have to watch out for horse leftovers.