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This trail is right next the camping ground. At the end of the trail, you can loop back or cross Apple river to start Sunset trail.

for everyone looking for the waterfall.. it is not of the mile long river trail..put in you GPS apple canyon LAKE...not river and you will find it ..it is just off the road. while you are up there put galena lake in your GPS and you will run into thunder bay falls just off the thunder bay rd. no hiking but very pretty! and the two are only a 1/2 hour away.

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6 months ago

Again very deceiving trail description. The trail head sign states the trail is only 3/4 of a mile long.

River and fishing are great. Great spot for Boy Scout Camping. Decent Trails, not too hard, not too easy, good fishing, plenty of things to see. Wish there was something between the Youth campsites and the road though. Camped right next to the road, not a comfortable feeling when headlights come screaming past you at 3am.

Fairly easy. Done this the last couple years with the Boy Scout Troop. Much better visually in the fall.

I love this state park. It is small, and the only camping available is car camping, but there is a ton of adventure out there in the woods. The river is pristine and a beautiful place to spend a morning fishing, while the hiking provides tons of opportunities to go off trail and have a little fun. In particular I recommend bringing a pair of hiking sandles and walking up the river itself - its not very long and you get a great new perspective on the park!

Nice little out and back trail which takes you to a large rock formation overlooking the Apple River. Trail has some moderate elevation change which offers a scenic trek through the timber with displays of plants and wildlife. Enjoy your hike.