Nice local hike with an amazing view of the city from the top! It is pretty short and great for anyone really. It is so cool to see the city from the top. It is also great to just hang out at the top with yourself or your company.

Great trail and its only a 15 minute walk from my house! Great hike for people with a little more experience and looking for something different. The top has a great view of the whole city!
Stay on the trail though a lot of private land nearby.

mountain biking
3 months ago

this whole area is dirtbiking heaven.
the trails and jumps flow smooooooothly

Some parts are more difficult than I expected but a good workout for me and my dog! Nice panorama at the top, really appreciated that.

You can make it very challenging or a little easier. Tip for you though, stay of the private land.

It was a nice trail. Some decently challenging hills. Some of the footing was a little sketchy. The view on top was pretty awesome. Not a super challenging hike. Definitely a must do must see.

lots of bikes and quads but the hike was fun and the view was awesome.

Great little hike close to town!

1 year ago

Started off of East Mtn Vista (GPS 47.716258, -116.753302), made my own trail to top of Canfield, took about 2+/- hours to the peak, very scenic for portions but heavily treed somewhat restricts the view, downside is there were so many dirt bikes/motorcycles toward the peak it was hard to enjoy any quiet! I will go back, maybe on a less clear day when the fair weather folks aren't out.

If you can bear the tough terrain and grueling elevation hikes the payoff is that much sweeter. This hike isn't for the weak of heart. Bring lots of water, and prepare for the burn, its going to kick your rear.

Difficult hike and the trails crossing forest roads can make the map a tad confusing but the views are amazing. You can hike a few miles or 20+. Wear good shoes and bring plenty of water. Be ready to sweat.

Tried this hike and it was nothing even close to easy. Only hike I ever turned back on and gave up, because of the difficulty. 17.7 miles in 2.5 hours does not add up. The terrain is not good for hiking up very steep grades. I want to try again, but will be better suited, since we had only one water and no food. This is a day trip and will kick your...