2 months ago

Great hike! Going in it's all pretty much up hill. Beautiful view, lake is great!

3 months ago

I have hiked approximately 110 miles in this area and camped at numerous lakes in the area for 10 nights. The trail is great, unless you run into motocycles. They are apparently allowed all the way to Frog Lake. I have nothing against these riders but their activity is loud and tears up the trail considerably.

The fishing is great at most of the lakes. I highly recommend Castle Lake and Walker Lake. If you are up for a challenge, go swimming in Lonesome Lake. The last time I was there was in late July and there was still ice on it.

The scenery is beautiful and there are plenty of camping sites all along the lakes. There are typically lots of horses and outfitters that frequent the area. They are all friendly and great to interact with if you choose.

Enjoy. This is one of my favorite areas in Idaho.

6 months ago

This trail is mostly incline. The wildflowers and views throughout are truly breathtaking, nothing beats the turquoise waters at the destination.

scenic driving
1 year ago

One of Idaho's greatest treasures is right here in the Sawtooths. This area is so fantastically beautiful. I love visiting this area. The scenic drive is just the beginning!

scenic driving
2 years ago

scenic driving
3 years ago

The Sawtooth Mountains are aweson