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This is a scenic route follow 75 towards Boise. There are multiple hot springs if you drive inland. Road quality is OK in dry weather. Rutted

We hiked this trail in October and left the only human footprints in the first snow of fall for 2 days. We walked to Toxaway Lake first night, then over the pass the second day. The view over twin lakes was stunning. I would recommend doing the hike this direction as opposed to Alice Lake first.

1 month ago

Great almost 360 views at a rocky summit. Take some time there! Good trail. Mid October we had mud and snow. Beautiful all the way!

Great little hike- steepest at the end. There is a lot of burned forest before you get there but don't be discouraged. The forest is still B-E-A-U-TIFUL and the little lake is clear and breath taking.

It was a fun hike but the last part was a killer. Mostly shaded which was really nice. Great day.

Beautiful scenery, pass 6-7 lakes and hike alongside a creek most of the way- plenty of water availed for filtering. Trail relatively flat and easy going, incredible views.

Beautiful short hike

It was a nice hike, it is hot and dusty without much coverage from the sun in portions of the trail. Bring lots of water.

It was a beautiful, and a well traveled trail. The last leg up to the first lake proved to be the most difficult part of the hike for me, but it was worth it! Great hike. I hope to go back and see the additional lakes soon!

fly fishing
3 months ago

Pretty lake and the hike is really easy. There was a fire a few years back and it hit this area pretty hard. It was still pretty though because all the burn allowed for new undergrowth and there was a lot of flowers. The lake is awesome as far as scenery. We fly fished and hooked a few but never landed them.

on Trail Creek Trail

4 months ago

beautiful train but the trail is poorly Mart. game trails in more reliable.

the water was just perfect trail was great camping was very enjoyable as well as the horse ride there

First backpacking trip ✔️ Tough but worth every second. Go to Toxaway then to Alice, the view is unreal!

4 months ago

Great trail, great scenery. I went clockwise and enjoyed it. Twin Lakes has a great campground between the two lakes. Went in end of July 2016 and mosquitos weren't too bad. Also didn't seem very crowded.

Only downside is the horses leave poop all over the trail from Toxaway to Pettite and they have stamped down the trail from Farley to Pettite into a dust-bowl of misery.

It was a pretty enjoyable trail, but definitely uphill the whole way. Not impossible, but there is a reason it is rated moderate and not easy. The lake was beautiful! Well worth the effort to get there. The area to the trail is pretty burned from a fire a couple years ago (as of July 2016) so it isn't as pretty as it used to be.