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Great moderate hike. Perfect weather. Be advised if you want to camp near the hot springs (after 3rd bridge), you won't get any sleep because you'll be woken up by hot springers all night (I didn't think of that when I camped there). But there are a lot of other camping spots farther away. Everyone I came across was very friendly. Gorgeous view. Pure bliss!

Perfect hike! We've done it twice now with our children. Beautiful scenery, not to long, and pretty clean. You need to carry out whatever you take up. There's a bathroom at the trailhead and another about half way up.

3 months ago

The Bighorn Crags are hands down the most beautiful place I've ever been. Its been 4 months since our trip and i still think about everyday.

The hot spring that ruined all other hot springs for me

4 months ago

Amazing hike and views. Do not pass up the opportunity to take this hike. some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery in the state. Great fishing in every lake we tried too.

4 months ago

I camped on Harbor Lake and fished both Harbor and Wilson Lakes. Beautiful scenery - in the mornings the water is glass and the reflection in the lake is phenomenal. Take a few minutes to hike to smaller lake above Harbor.

Awesome trail, make sure you wear hiking boots!, mine saved mine a couple of times

Nice hike up to several high lakes. We were at buck lakes and bear valley and only saw some people on the hike out. Beautiful lakes and excellent fishing.

very quiet and peaceful. amazing hot springs and so grateful i took the time to find it!

5 months ago

We camped about half way up on the saddle and it was great. Kinda had a natural block from the wind so no issues there. The climb was pretty rough and the stretch right before Chicken Out Ridge got me. I think if I was tied in I wouldn't have minded as much but the climb with pretty sheer drops had me pretty nervous. If you don't like heights you probably don't climb peaks and I'd stick with that motto here but if danger is your thing this is a nice peak.

Hot, kinda like hiking in the desert

trail running
6 months ago

Good semi technical trail to a few different lakes. Horses have it a little beat up and saw some dirt bike tracks. Not sure if those are allowed or not up there.

Really nice little hike. Brought our little dog & she loved it, too. Very rocky about half the time, so wear hiking boots if you can. Started up about 10:AM, so got a bit of shade here & there. It's mostly up, then level, then up - repeat. When you get to a staircase with 27 steps followed by another with 16 steps you're about 2 minutes away. The springs are really beautiful - the whole hike is actually. Coming back down is a real pleasure. ENJOY!!

His was a great little trail. Beautiful view and so relaxing.. I could sit in these springs for hours

Probably one of my favorite hikes thus far. About a 3.5hr drive from Rexburg, ID, the drive itself was worth the trip. The directions I had caused me to miss that last turn but other than that it was pretty easy to find.

When I went, I ran into a couple headed down as soon as I started and saw another couple camping about halfway up. Other than that the trail was clear. The first section is a mildly steep switchback and right before the pools is slightly steeper too. It took about 1.5 hours to get up and the waterfalls to the pools were amazing, though not necessarily "hot." I was unable to stay long because a storm was rolling in. The run back down took about 2 minutes and the trail is well maintained so I didn't worry overly much about loose rocks messing up my pace.

Hands down a little known gem and worth many more trips to visit

Super fun! Start early so your hike is in the cooler temperatures of the morning. Also, have good boots/shoes because the downhill was the worst part for me!