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The Kaniksu National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in northeastern Washington, the Idaho panhandle, and northwestern Montana.

Good hike with good friends, and family!

As of 11 October 2016, Roman Nose Lakes has snow on the ground. Road conditions most of the way were acceptable. The hike beyond the lower lake was through the snow.

10 days ago

little overpopulated for me, but great views and a hike that's not too difficult.

Hiked this today, great fall hiking for anyone

14 days ago

This is a quality hike with a decent amount of uphill. Once you get to the lake there are several trails that go around. This is a great place to go and explore. The huckleberry picking is not bad just have to go off the beaten trail. The fishing is the lake is poor, small trout if anything.

19 days ago

I was hesitant to not camp at a lake. I have done all the other hikes off pack river road multiple times each and I love the area. This was my first time hiking to chimney rock. The views were amazing in early october, and the rock is exalted, a beautiful and stunning scene. Water via spring is available just down from the ridge line. There was not a great tent site on the ridge but we spent about an hour and leveled an area big enough for a two man tent. Sunrise was beautiful, but it was a cold morning on the ridge, 25°. Our water was partially frozen and the rocks were all very slippery with frozen rain water from the day before. Beautiful hike, though challenging at times with the rocks. The dog (golden retriever) even made it only having to be carried once across the boulders. She was very tired. All in all a good, challenging, and inspiring hike.

Good two day hike if you go all the way. Some very steep spots followed by ridge line flats. Hiking in and out of the lake is where the most extreme elevation climbs are. Some really beautiful valley views overlooking several mountain peaks, as shown in picture. Fishing is not the best there are a few small trout but still fun experience.

22 days ago

The trail head for this hike is a considerable drive over forest service roads. Unless there is snow on the ground, it should be accessible by most vehicles. The trail head is a bit complicated to find. I would advise studying and printing out maps. (You are not likely to have any internet connection where you are going!)

This area is going right to the top of my favorite places to hike. I spent an entire day here at the end of September 2016. The colors and scents of autumn are magnificent. The Roman Nose Lakes area has hiking for all levels of hikers. The walk to the lower lake is very easy. It could be accomplished by small children, the elderly or infirm, or even someone in a wheelchair. There is a good parking area and rest room facilities at the trail head.

The hike to the middle and upper lakes is a bit more challenging. It has some moderate inclines, and is quite rocky in some places. The trails between the lakes are a bit of a labyrinth. The signs have all fallen down, so it is advisable to study a map of the area or carry a map with you, so as to avoid any confusion.

There are two routes to take to the upper and middle lakes, one is a shorter and direct route. There is also a more scenic route which climbs along the ridge above the lower lake. Both routes are very beautiful and worth the time to hike. I visited all three lakes, explored numerous diversionary routes, and took both main trails in the same day. My total hiking distance was just over 9 miles. One could easily spend several days hiking and exploring the area.

24 days ago

Nice fall day. Very breezy up top and made it a bit unpleasant once you reached the lake. Don't forget a hatchet or small saw for firewood! Beautiful hike and just the right difficulty for my 8-year-old.

Great Lake and a good hike. Pretty short but you gain some elevation. Seriously stunning views of the mountains and lake. Good fishing.

28 days ago

Beautiful lake and a well maintained trail.

on Beehive Lakes

1 month ago

Good hike! Great views!

The drive back was great. Very well marked. The hike took us about 4 hours to the top and about 2 hours back. We stopped frequently to take photos, eat huckleberries, and talk to chipmunks. The beginning of the hike gradually inclines. Once you pass the second bridge it starts to incline a bit more. The only hard part is when you reach the rock covered areas. There are great rock markings to get you through, so those help guide your way. You need to be mindful of your steps because there are cliffs... You also need to make sure you remember where you are because of the lack of trail markers. Take your time around the boulders and be super proactive with your footing, rocks move a bit... But super fun and adventurous. We passed one group of 4. They were around 60 years of age. I wouldn't recommend kids on this hike. Overall it's a beautiful hike and I'm excited to do it again!

This trail lacked viewpoints along the way, almost creating more of a mental challenge. Challenging hike, although the trail seemed over grown & enclosed by plants. Could have been the time of year also. Don't forget bear spray on this one.

1 month ago

Great Labor Day weekend for an overnight at Fault Lake. The directions AllTrails sent to Google Maps were perfect, and you'll have no trouble getting to the trailhead in a vehicle with a bit of clearance as some areas of the FS road had water bars that were a bit too deep for a standard rig.
TRAIL - well-marked, well-travelled trail with a LOT of green bushes right up against both sides. While the things is almost 3000 feet gain, it is well spread along the first four miles, while the last bit, the bit in the more alpine area, is a little more of a push. Huckleberries galore once you break out of the bushes.
LAKE - gorgeous lake with nice campsites and a bear box. We got a tip to look North from the lake and up a bit to a couple VERY nice penthouse camp sites on the knob with commanding views of the lake. We had the place to ourselves that night; the evening was charmed for sure.
SURROUNDINGS - a walk up the knob to the north of the lake provides great views of the area, and bailing out over the western side leads you into the northward drainage with a beautiful and secluded campsite a bit further up.
OVERALL - great lake, beautiful alpine sights, sounds, and smells, more berries than you could pick, and a decent workout if you are letting your teenage son set the pace!

1 month ago

beautiful lake, it reminds me of a little Yosemite with all the granite.

Walked to Upper Priest today. Great hike and very easy. We got to the lake and stepped down to the first beach we saw. A boat came down the shore and told us a bear was coming down the trail. Sure enough not 20ft. away a large black bear went by. made for a fast walk out. Was a beautiful hike.