I hiked the lower trail down to the waterfall. Very quick, easy trail. There was one area where you had to hop across the creek on some stones. The waterfall is really cute. Sad there was so much trash. I went on a Wednesday early afternoon in November and I was the only one there. I also hiked part of the ridge trail. It's a lot steeper up to the main part of the trail but it gave some pretty views. Would definitely go back!

The trailhead wasn't super clear, we ended up taking a crazy hill climb that led to a dead end, other than that the real trail was beautiful and quick!

More of a leisurely stroll than a hike to get to the falls, although it was pretty. It was very crowded, but for my kids it wasn't bad. I took them up on the West Rimrock afterwards, and that was slightly more difficult. Overall a decent outing for a family.

It was super easy to get to the waterfall with kids under 10 years old and we had two little ones on backpacks. After we got into the freezing water we decided to go on the difficult trail and with kids it was a little hard on them but they made it through. It is a fun trail.

it's a very short or run great View nice to walk but the drive to get there might not be worth it again

Short little walk to a nice pool and a waterfall. It is less than a 1/2 mile each way...not sure why it says 2.2 miles. The downfall of this hike is that there is trash everywhere, which is sad :-( and it is incredibly crowded...even on Sunday evening when we went. Between the constant barking dogs, dog poop, trash, and crowds of people this was hard to enjoy..

I agree that it certainly isnt as long as advertised. The most direct to the waterfall is quite short, but very well shaded and an easy walk. There are some trails surrounding the area that have a higher degree of difficulty though.

2.2 miles? It's like maybe .5 miles from the parking lot. Long drive for super short hike and very crowded at the waterfall.

4 months ago

Very fun hike with great views of the canyon & the waterfall!

4 months ago

Very nice! Easy for kids to navigate and enjoy too.

5 months ago

Short hike to the falls suitable for all ages. The falls are a hidden gem in the area.

We took our kids here last weekend. They arrange from age to 13,10,7,&4 years old. The hike to the falls was easy there was a lot people so we didn't linger at the falls very long! There are trails that go up to the top of the bluffs that we hiked up. All our kids did good. It's a bit steep and the dirt is loose but it is still doable just use caution and help each other out. The view up on top of the bluffs is amazing and well worth hiking up into! Just remember to bring some sunscreen, snacks, and most importantly water. And wear the right shoes and clothes for hiking. Sandals are not recommended!

Absolutely gorgeous trail that was easy enough for my family of four children under the age of 6....just make sure if you're taking small children that you start the trail at the bottom of the hill as you pull in and not the trail that ascends the mountain as that one would not be appropriate for children. Love the falls! Absolutely gorgeous!

The trail was fairly easy and the scenery wasn't bad. It was just so overrun with people that it made the trip hard to enjoy. There some more rugged trails nearby that abruptly ended, so it would have been nice to know they didn't go anywhere.

6 months ago

Beautiful short hike. The falls are well maintained, the path has some trash. Pack it in, pack it out. Watch for Rattlesnakes if you're taking dogs.

This was shorter than I expected, but it was still very beautiful! I wish I had gone in warmer weather. I will definitely go back!!

7 months ago

So pretty! my pup loved roaming the hills. trails are a little narrow, so I ended up off trail a lot to let others pass me as lupus doesn't allow me to hike the way a 27 year old woman should be able to, but that's really my only complaint!

Amazing views from multiple trails. There are 3 main trails that lead to different places. 1. Straight to waterfall 2. Above waterfall 3. Rocks above canyon. All 3 are gorgeous, and short enough to do all three in less than an hour or two. There is a small pool to swim in, but it's always cold. I love this place and think it's a fun afternoon hike for anyone.