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I hiked Mineral Ridge this morning, after the first heavy snow of the year. The snow was powdery and unpacked, so the going was easy enough with hiking poles. Having been on this trail when the snow gets packed and icy, I would advise that you bring hiking poles and maybe ice cleats during the winter, unless you don't mind a few falls in the snow.

1 day ago

Time of Year: December, no snow.

A simple hike, very easy. The trail is very accessible with plenty of parking. It being a state park you will need to pay for parking or have an Idaho State Parks pass. The trail is well maintained and in some places can fit three people abreast. I hiked the section that circles around the lake, but there are other trails that break off that aren't listed here. After completion I showed hiking two miles.

Its a charming little lake. The west part of the lake has a river that the trail can follow, while the east side is a bit swampy. There is nothing that sticks out about the lake, but for those nearby that want to go for a scenic amble should consider this one.

A nice walk, better than many in this nation.

Anyone know what's up with the many dozens of small burn piles on the slope? Minimizing slash pile for a wildfire later?

We were first timers and a little late in the season. Great thing was that the trail wasn't too busy and there were bald eagles to watch along the way! That incline was a bit challenging; however, the gorgeous vistas were so worth it! Well maintained, too.

11 days ago

This moderately difficult trail is mostly switchbacks, so prepare for it bit of a climb. You also have to drive forest service roads to reach the trail head, so make sure that is something you are comfortable with. The hike up can be a bit tedious, but it's all worth it though as the views are grand. Chilco peak has a red rock cover and little trees allowing 360 degree view of the surrounding area. There is also the remains of an old lookout post. I would recommend this hike!

This is a must do Hike! The views at the top are beautiful! Theres a shelter at the top you can sit at that has a picnic table to enjoy a snack or lunch and look at the lake/bay. Lots of benches to sit at along your hike. It's a moderate hike with some steep inclines. Trails are in great shape and nicely marked. Would be hard to get lost.

13 days ago

This is a great hike for kids and families. The views are very pretty and the hike is short and easy. If you like to hike where there aren't too many people though, I would say that this hike isn't for you. There are lots of people fishing along the hike and it being an easy and shorter hike, families are more likely to be on it. Great for the family though!

This is a very steep and lengthy hike but worth the view from the top! I would recommend some good shoes and lots of water! Even if you are a leisure hiker you can still complete this hike a small challenge. It is absolutely worth it in the end for the view from the top.

13 days ago

Every time I come, the experience is amazing. Beautiful scenery all the way to the lake. First time was in the middle of summer and and the second time was right before winter. If you're planning to camp I suggest getting up there early in the day to beat the traffic and claim your spot!

Hiking mineral ridge is one of my favorite things to do over the summer! its a pretty easy hike and has some pretty awesome views.

22 days ago

Very nice trail. Hiked it on November 17th and at most had about 5" of snow to trudge through. The trail is uphill for the whole trail until you reach the slight descent into the lake itself. The snow added a little more challenge, but we were able to make it up without any trouble. Didn't have to deploy the snowshoes, but came close. Overall this is a great trail with a pretty good view to see. Recommend this for anyone looking for a nice day hike or a backpacking trip.

super awesome on / off trail creek spot and views~~~!!

Beautiful views, easy access to water, I suggest going off trail and higher for some super dank creek action

25 days ago

Beautiful out and back trail, the trail does have a lot of water on it in the fall part of the year so wear boots / waterproof shoes. Lots of off trail fun if you are into it- be careful of road in and out as it is very curvy

26 days ago

Super vigorous! Nice trail, went on a rainy, windy day so no view but I'll be doing this one again.

Hiked on 11/11/16. Trail is well maintained and beautiful! Decently steep, but it's fun!

Great for beginners that want to get some good practice in! This time of year may require crampons; last week it was really snowy but this week it was clear. Make sure to plan for the weather and it'll be amazing! I would 100% suggest making your way to Upper Steven's it's an incredible view!