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15 days ago

I hiked this a few years ago with my dad and it began my love for hiking. You are constantly hiking above and next to the creek which makes for a pleasant view the entire hike even though there is no much tree cover so bring sunscreen. Not a hard hike at all even with all the weight my dad and I brought along with my two uncles. We camped about halfway in a meadow that you really can't miss, I forget the name of it but it is where the Cayuse Creek joins Kelly Creek. Fishing near here is phenomenal and will probably stay that way because of its relative obscurity.


very short, leads to a remote yet well known hot springs. I have hiked this as early as February and late as november!

This was our first time going to a hot spring. The travelers we encountered were friendly and very interesting!
It was lightly raining but sitting in the hot spring and feeling the cold rain on your shoulders left you feeling rejuvenated. Will be traveling here again with my pups!

2 months ago

The hike up to the hot springs was difficult but well worth it. The scenery and the views are awe inspiring and the hot springs are amazing and well worth the long trek uphill.

easy to moderate hike. hot spring felt amazing!

Easy hike. Great soak in pools. Yes, there may be naked people up there but everyone tends to behave. Trail can be muddy so suggest good shoes, not flip flops. Best time is winter

fun easy trek

1 year ago

nice, easy hike to several hot springs, along a beautiful stream. moderare amount of people, little nudity but people behaving appropriately. enjoyed soaking in hot spring and relaxing.

1 year ago

I cannot seem to find the trail to Goat Lake from the Iron Creek Trailhead on this website, but that is the path we took. It was significantly challenging for our group, but this was a bucket list hike for me to complete. With Lyme disease wrecking my joints, we hurried to complete this in August. There was still some snow at the top, and the lake was beautiful and turquoise and Goat Falls was also amazing. I hope I can do this hike again.

Always on my list whenever I go to Missoula. Nice leisurely still to some nice natural hot springs. Pack a couple of cold beers because its a nice place to soak and toss a couple back.

Good winter hike in January. The trail to the hot springs is easy to follow but very icy this time of year. Pushed pass the springs and followed the trail to the waterfall. The trail is not heavily traveled past the springs so snow shoes are a big help. Most of the waterfall was frozen over except the very lower portion. A very nice winter scene.

We sat in the middle spring at night and a moose came down to the lower spring and drank water. It was awesome. My friend what should we do? I am naked! Not running from a moose in the dark naked....we all became one with nature and sat quietly until she walked away.

3 years ago

There is a river of death to get to it a couple of college kids not knowing what they were doing came in with cotton clothes couldn't get a fire started and lost a sleeping bag in the river of death. Got rain and snow and hail and every once in a while a spot of sun. good hike but if ur inexperienced i'ld go with someone that knows what they are doing. The hot springs are amazing and make it worth crossing the river of death.