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Really enjoyable hike.

3 months ago

My first time at blue lake, it was easy to find and my 2 kids 9 and 7 had no problems on the hike, and had so much fun.

3 months ago

Did a lot of hiking and little bit of fishing with the family. The fishing was amazing we caught and released to keep the fish there for everybody else That want to have fun fishing. took my five-year-old nephew's and they did just great it wasn't too hard and we all had an amazing time I definitely recommend this to anybody that want to have a great hike

3 months ago

Really easy hike but very scenic and convenient when looking for an alpine lake close to Boise. The road covers all of the elevation gain you would normally find in a hike. Used an app to track distance and found that going around the lake plus a side trip halfway up the mountain side for a view and back to the parking lot was 2.5 miles total.

I like this trail because it has a great view when you get to the top and it's not difficult at all. The only thing is that this app gives you wrong directions to find it, get on Warm Springs and then turn left of Squaw Creek road and it's at the end of that, they have you go a little too far! Would definitely do again

It was our first hike as a family, ever. We took our three kids 7, 6, and 2. they all had a blast and it was beautiful! It was a bit windy but all in all was a very good first hike for our family.

The road is now posted as private property.

4 months ago

on Kirkham Hot Springs

4 months ago

Nice break from driving. A bit crowded even in September.

on Kirkham Hot Springs

4 months ago

Nice day to relax at the hot springs

Very beautiful

One of my favorite hikes!
It is at the top of a mountain, so when we went in July, 2014 and there was still snow!
Soooo many wild flowers, and greenery everywhere! When you go be sure to cross the road on the opposite side of the parking lot so you don't miss even more Incredible views!
The lake is small enough to hike around and play on.

This was an awesome hike! It was challenging enough for my 2 kids (2 and 5 years old) to keep it interesting but easy enough they could do it with minimal breaks. We took both of our dogs as well and they had a blast! The lake is beautiful!! There are also bathrooms at the trailhead which is great when you have kids!

Nice hike with some good views of the valley. No shade to speak of, so be aware of that in warm weather.

Very easy paths with a lot of bikers. A nice place to walk around a bit.

Easy downhill to the river followed by about 50 feet of minor wading around the corner to the hot spring. About 10 feet past the hot spring, you can climb up and get about a six foot jump into the river. The hot/cold contrast is perfect any day.

excellent view and great for all ages!!

4 months ago

So many lakes to see!!!
Just make sure that time is not of the essence for this loop. Had 4 days to finish this loop so it was very hard to enjoy what Sawtooth had to offer.
Sawtooth Lake was by far my favorite lake - the initial view from the top if you're hiking from Grandjean is phenomenal.
The Cramer lakes are another great spot to definitely spend some time. Just simply beautiful.
Most of the lakes after Edna look pretty much the same, incredibly, but same.
Hiking back to the Grandjean from Elk Lake was very stale. Approximately 13 miles from Elk lake back to Grandjean and not much to see...
I recorded 65+ miles than the 63 that was posted so keep in mind you may be doing an extra 5-8 miles.
Ultimately, I would not do this hike again. I saw what needed to be seen. I loved every second of it, and wished I had more than 4 days to do it but this is life.