mountain biking
1 month ago

trails in great shape due to recent rain. not dusty. had grand time and had trail all to myself! big tractors doing work on mountain along with big brush piles burning. the fire was super nice as I was able to warm my cold fingers and toes. awesome ride.

Pretty, but it's closed right now , unfortunately we didn't see the signs they were knocked down so 20 minutes in the trailed ended due to logging activity . Sad :(

Beautiful, peaceful! No problem getting to the trailhead.

2 months ago

3 months ago

Peaceful and not busy. Easy climb for good view and lunch on the trail.

4 months ago

I was unable to get to the trail head in my Sienna mini van. The road about 4 miles past the ski area was so badly rutted I had to turn back. A big truck went past me about that point, so I think with a rig like that you would be fine.

trail running
5 months ago

I've ran the Around the Mountain trail a number of times in the past year. It's now one of my favorites, especially when the temperatures in the valley soar during the summer. The trail is well marked and easily accessible to mountain bikers, hikers and runners.

mountain biking
6 months ago

I wasn't able to find the trailhead. I took the road up as far as my little car could go, but there were some trees on the road that would have been impossible to get by in my car. I parked my car in the side and just biked the dirt road for about 4 miles. Beautiful scenery all the same and would recommend to anybody!!

Have done a couple different trails on the mountain. The Dirty Dash had been held here a few years in a row. lots of fun and good scenery. well maintained trails.

Nice hike, and well maintained trail. Good change of scenery if you are tired of the same old dry foothills. the drive up is a not fun for those who get car sick. Good views and lots of geocaches to find here if you are interested.

Considering we had 3 kids ages 5,3,1 we did the trek in 5 hours. It's a beautiful hike would be more fun on a mountain bike though.

nice little hike with great views and wildflowers

1 year ago

Fantastic, well-maintained trail. Easy and good for kids. Multiple points where you can continue on full loop or circle back earlier if the kids are getting tired.

A little hard to locate. After Bogus Basin look for the sign for Shafer Butte picnic area and follow that. Trailhead is there with picnic area.

Love the trails on this mountain. It's perfect because it's not too far of a drive from Boise but you're still able to get away from the city. In the fall you see a lot of active wildlife. Most common is the red tail hawk. I would see it dive for prey often.

cross country skiing
2 years ago

Great little ski hill. Love the Nordic Trails so close to town. The drivers on the road need to chill out though. Its only about 45 min. (16 miles) out of town and yet people still think driving over the speed limit on such a dangerous road is the cool thing to do.... Sad.

3 years ago

Other than ski , you can do snowshoeing on in the winter.. The trails are moderate and fun.

I have hiked this set of trails for the past three years. They are easy and all have great views of the resort . Best time is in the fall when the colors start to show !

6 years ago

I went snowboarding there a few years ago. The snow was amazing and the lines were short. Two things that attract me to return again. I enjoyed the affordable price for the lift ticket and the variety of terrain. About the only thing that could be said in a negative kind of way, would be the switchback and winding road up from Boise. Otherwise a great place to go and enjoy a day on the slopes.