5 days ago

Beautiful hike with spectacular views! The trail is VERY muddy!!

Very muddy! Bring boots and not sneakers! Use a walking stick to make it much easier

Great trail, well marked, amazing views. This trail is definitely "moderate" so don't be intimidated by other reviews that say differently. If it has rained, yes there will be some mud in the first half mile and then some again before the summit. Bring your camera!

This trail had awesome views. There was only one waterfall with a small amount of water running but the mountains were beautiful. The trail is a calf burner with a steep incline the first half mile and between mile marker 1 and 1.5. It gets pretty muddy between the first quarter mile and the 1 mile marker. I recommend going past the mile marker to see some spectacular views of the island and ocean. I would rate this trail slightly harder then moderate.

Great trail. Maybe it's the time of year, but I wouldn't rate it as moderate. It was wet, muddy, and slippery. At one point the mud was so deep, it stole my shoe. It wasn't insanely hard, I'd call it challenging.
A lot of elevation gain in a short distance, combined with outstanding views, makes this one of my favorite hikes in Hawaii.

Honestly, once you reach the middle and you can see the waterfalls off in the distance - it's worth it. There really is no need to go further. Maybe if you were going in the AM for sunrise, it would certainly be worth the view.
The hike is very muddy - so there are walking sticks at the second gate. Return them on your way back.
We hiked it with our son (21lbs 7 month old) in a carrier. You can take a baby, but unless your kid is over 5 - I wouldn't suggest letting them walk that, as it is slightly challenging.
The decent is hard on your knees if you have knee issues -so be mindful of that.
Other than that, it was pretty! Hot, but pretty. As I said though, going up the entire way isn't worth it unless your going for sunrise.

Awesome hike, great views although cloud cover was thick closer to the top. Very muddy so wear shoes you don't care about! But worth the mud!

Not really a hiking trail - a nice walk. A true tourist destination.

Muddy, muddy, muddy. Do not hike without a walking stick-- very hard.

2 months ago

This was a fun and exciting trail. It would be a good idea to start early it took us an hour each way. Be aware it's all up hill. You will need waterproof hiking boots and a hiking stick would help. At the second gate there were a pile of sticks that people left behind and it will help you during the trek. Very slippery most of the way so be careful. Going down hill was actually the scariest part, almost slipped a couple times


2 months ago

Easy short hike, beautiful view

Definitely go past the railing at the end, but wear real shoes (not flip flops.)

Fantastic hike! ... if you take the "secret trail". has to be some of the best scenery I've seen!

3 months ago

Beautiful hike in the fog and when it lifted we could see waterfalls and a loud river below the valley.