Very cool shorter trial with a hairy ending up at the giant's head! Make sure you go all the way up to the top, past the picnic area! Easy access from Kapaa so a nice day hike.

Very difficult trail with erosion and very slippery and steep. Basically climbed down using the roots and rocks as holds. The trail leads to the bottom of the waterfall. View from the bottom is spectacular when sunny. The water was refreshing and you definitely need a dip after getting down there. Challenging but worth it.

This was a relatively easy distance with a consistent incline throughout. We hiked off to the left of the picnic tables to scale the nose and get a better vantage point. The views from there were amazing, but I would advise others to exercise caution, as there is clearly a sign telling people not to hike beyond the path on the way to the nose (and I'm sure that the sign was put there for a reason). Watch out for protruding tree roots, as they are plentiful, and be mindful of recent rainfall. We hiked on a very dry day, but mud would have made things more challenging.

1 month ago

Didnt plan to hike down but it was just so appealing... yes it was close and fenced up..but still found our way down..
It is steep and we used the rope that were already there. So THANKYOU to whoever put them on! I couldn't have gone down without it!!!
beautiful majestic rage of the waterfall.. my husband swam in and i stayed out to capture him and all the wild tropical nature around it!!!
Definitely worth a hike down! What an experience!

Nice view at the top. Can be quite challenging at steep grounds. I recommend to follow track and try to avoid the "shortcuts" cause it might lead to nowhere. Good hike otherwise. Thanks to the tree roots for traction to prevent us from sliding down.

Just FYI. The trail is "closed" most likely because this is a high tourism spot and the way down is very steep. However, the trail is quite easy if you're careful but there is a good amount of potential for serious injury in the way down or up. Be careful. Jump the wall and hang on to the ropes. Very slippery and wet beneath the falls. If swimming, stay away from where the falls hit the creek. You will be sucked under if you don't. Be safe. Have fun

We loved it! The path was semi blocked by freshly fallen trees (windy weather) but otherwise an amazing view at the top

2 months ago

This trail is closed.

2 months ago

We have done this trail a number of times. it has some really nice vistas of the east shore and is really not a difficult trail to hike. It is one that recommend to a lot of visitors.

first hike on Kauai & loved it! it was a bit overcast but that was much appreciated. bring lots of water and a snack to enjoy your time up there. found a rope swing there too! loved the views all around

The trail was the best part because its so raw. You literally hold on to plants so you won't fall. I'm here on a rainy season so its muddy & very slippery. If you're an adrenaline junkie, this is great. It's short but it was so cool to do that trail. The waterfalls is ehhh.

Not recommend for small children or elderly people, but it was worth the hike down, very steep

5 months ago

The trail was rough and was hard to get down but once you get down and the waterfalls were great.

It was bit slippery and muddy after the rain but what a view when you get to the top.

Absolutely breath taking.

This trail was a great way to see sweeping views on all sides. Absolutely beautiful on a sunny day. Keep going past the picnic tables for a little keyhole cave and amazing views.