Only go if you are experienced & not afraid of steep hills & holding onto roots & rocks along the way. Not recommended by locals as it is no longer maintained. Thank god for the volunteers who added the ropes, impossible without them. The waterfall is amazing but definitely very difficult & slippery to get down & back up. Do not go on a rainy day.

2 months ago

Very difficult trail with erosion and very slippery and steep. Basically climbed down using the roots and rocks as holds. The trail leads to the bottom of the waterfall. View from the bottom is spectacular when sunny. The water was refreshing and you definitely need a dip after getting down there. Challenging but worth it.

2 months ago

Didnt plan to hike down but it was just so appealing... yes it was close and fenced up..but still found our way down..
It is steep and we used the rope that were already there. So THANKYOU to whoever put them on! I couldn't have gone down without it!!!
beautiful majestic rage of the waterfall.. my husband swam in and i stayed out to capture him and all the wild tropical nature around it!!!
Definitely worth a hike down! What an experience!

Just FYI. The trail is "closed" most likely because this is a high tourism spot and the way down is very steep. However, the trail is quite easy if you're careful but there is a good amount of potential for serious injury in the way down or up. Be careful. Jump the wall and hang on to the ropes. Very slippery and wet beneath the falls. If swimming, stay away from where the falls hit the creek. You will be sucked under if you don't. Be safe. Have fun

3 months ago

This trail is closed.

4 months ago

The trail was the best part because its so raw. You literally hold on to plants so you won't fall. I'm here on a rainy season so its muddy & very slippery. If you're an adrenaline junkie, this is great. It's short but it was so cool to do that trail. The waterfalls is ehhh.

Not recommend for small children or elderly people, but it was worth the hike down, very steep

7 months ago

The trail was rough and was hard to get down but once you get down and the waterfalls were great.

Absolutely breath taking.

This hike was great. The hike was a bit tough but the waterfalls are worth the adventure.

11 months ago

I'm sure it's a 4 star. Had the wrong shoes to descend the popular but off limits trail. Great view from the parking lot though.

This was a fun challenging trail but the experience of standing at the bottom of this water fall was well worth it. We went after a rain storm so the water fall was at full strength and the trail had a slight stream running down it. Trail is very steep. Make sure to go down in reverse like your repelling. There are ropes tied all the way down as well as sturdy roots and trees to grab. Go all the way to the right of the green fence and walk back along the fence maybe 30 feet. The. The trail proceeds down.

The hike wasn't as hard as people have posted. Nice short hike for a huge enjoyable experience!

There is a newly installed fence in front of the stone wall. If you go all the way to the right, you can walk around the fence & traverse your way down. We had our 3 & 8 year old kids along & didn't hike down, but we would have if the kids weren't along! Beautiful picture spot though & just a short drive off of the highway.

You can see the falls from the road but if you feel like doing some rock climbing, jump the stone fence to the right and traverse down a short but extremely difficult "trail" to the bottom. Wear good shoes. This trail is very dangerous. There are spots where you are climbing straight up hill grabbing rocks and tree roots. Don't go if it has rained recently.

Slippery steep slope after you jump the fence. I took my 14 year old and we wore flip flops. We didn't have any trouble but it wasn't the best way to do it. Great swim to the falls if you are a strong swimmer