Wildland picnicking on a Norfolk Island pine forested ridge. Fine views of Manoa and Palolo valleys. Hardy family hiking in the forest reserve.

We came at 10am on a Monday and counted only 7 other people the whole way. Much better than diamond head which we did before and was totally packed. Beautiful views all along this trail!

Very short actual trail, when you finally reach it from the road it is so steep and slippery it really needs spiked boots

3 months ago

Hey Guys,
Is someone doing this awesome trail in the next few weeks? I would like to join u, because I never did this trail before. It will be a big adventure.

looking forward to hike with u

just contact me via Email chrishike8@gmail.com

Several parts were muddy. Be careful of the Red ants.

trail running
4 months ago


Great hike. The trail ends on the map just before mount Olympus but the actual trail on the ground is quite easy (on dry days) to the top. Best view. Super view of Kauu crater too. Tried to join both trails. They probably connect but winds were way to strong and too steep hill for a safe hike to the crater. Nice hike.

The scenery changes a lot as you make you way up it was awesome

Stay on the trail!

Great trail with incredible views of Honolulu, Diamond Head, and the valley residential areas. We did this hike with our three kids (8,10,11) in the pouring rain and although we were all covered in mud by the end, it was totally do-able with children; as long as your kids are experienced hikers of course. Highly recommend this one!

Did this hike at then end of a very dry week, the sky was open, it was a really fun one! A couple cool rope sections towards top to my Olympus. Amazing views of east and town from up there on a clear day.

Awesome hike ! Beautiful View at the top !