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Started around 0745. Full trip was 5.5 hours.


Water falls are awesome.

At the first Y ... right after the 3rd fall set... take the path up to the right. It will take you all the way up and overlook the windward side. HARD but beautiful. Worth it.

From there you can continue onward to the left and take the loop all the way around the crater. Same view though.

Trailhead is behind the set of mailboxes right before the KAPU signs. In the beginning, just follow the pipes!

wonderful views if you go to the top and not just the waterfall. its amazing

4 days ago

I liked the trail and would do it again. It is closer to moderate than the easy rating on the AllTrails app. (I am mid 50s) 1000' elevation gain and some steep uneven parts of the trail. The loop trail consists of three different trails. I took a picture of the map where the trail splits.

Absolutely a beautiful area. Easy to find, and parking not too difficult if you pick an off time. There are many paths and many waterfalls in this area but the main trail is highly trafficked and easy to follow. The views along the trail are beautiful, looming forest and sounds of the stream. Main trail is not too steep and easy to follow. Main falls are breathtaking almost every time. This is a tourist hotspot so weekends are busy, the trail is packed, and it's had to even take a photo by yourself. Treat yourself and go on an off day, carefully explore the surrounding area, always beautiful. Can be somewhat muddy but not at all bad comparatively, bring bug spray !

7 days ago

Highly trafficked trail with lots of tourists. Very short and easy.

Short and easy hike with lots to look at.

8 days ago

WOW!!!! difficult trail; not for the faint-hearted. I did the full loop, which took me just under 5 hours to complete. Started at 8:30AM and finished at about 12:00PM; fortunately the weather was on my side and remained cloudy for the majority of the hike. I can't imagine doing this in the summer with the sun beating down.
Very slippery, so wear the right shoes. I recommend gloves; I did not have any and payed the price the following day. Bring water; I carried a 2.5 liter Camelback and ran out at about 3/4 of the trail.
Definitely not a running trail, be ready to walk, crawl, slide, slip, and jump your way through this very challenging trail.
Good luck.

Very easy and a bit touristy, but beautiful

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Great hike. Good for kids, shady, nice stream along the way. Pretty steep in a few places.

9 days ago

Relatively easy hike, that's moderately trafficked! The view of the jungle throughout the hike is very pretty and there's lots to see throughout with a beautiful waterfall. Family friendly. There is a $5 parking fee when you get there though.

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trail running
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Most epic trail run (more of a hike) I've ever done.. really muddy.. lots of ropes to go up and down steep climbs, as well as ropes going up to the crater along side of a waterfall for about 300ft
Water falls are beautiful