14 days ago

Fresh air in the tropic small forest. Amazing!

15 days ago

16 days ago

Great hike, went prepared for 5 hours to do the entire loop. At the top of the rim ridge trail got hit with high winds and rain so hunkered down for :30, the trail got real snotty and I'm sure I would have looked hilarious if others could have seen me on my butt inching down to the saddle between the two highest rim peaks. So needless to say I was dead tired when I got back to trail head. Zero people on the trail today but it was truly beautiful. Head to toe mud probably would do again if I find an "expert that needs to be humbled"!! 4:50


17 days ago

We did this hike twice. Each time was with family since it's quick and easy. Just he careful on rainy days as it gets muddy and slippery. Wear the right shoes!

18 days ago

Awesome hike!

Quick short hike to the falls

22 days ago

A nice, fairly easy hike to a large waterfall. There were many families on the trail. At the Falls themselves it was pretty crowded, but it was still a really nice view and I enjoyed it.

There were tons of people swimming even though there were signs everywhere not to go past a certain point due to falling rocks. Up to you!

Don't forget to bring $5 for parking at the trailhead.

Perfect but high level emotional! Really good to change your mind about your fears.

28 days ago

Wow this hike is amazing, muddy and challenging!

Starting in the wet muddy Palolo valley rainforest, you follow a stream until you scale 3 beautiful waterfalls (third being the longest). Once you reach the top of the third waterfall you have made it to the bottom of the crater. You can go right or left at this point, I would recommend right if you are going to complete the crater rim. Once you hike to peak/ridge you can see almost everything from koko head to ewa, Waimanalo to kaaawa (on a clear day).

I would advise checking the weather before starting this hike and bringing atleast two waters.

This hike took me 3.5 hours for the full loop and going back down the waterfalls.

beautiful hike. a bit slippery in places, so be careful. slippas not recommended. note to self: don't hike this on a weekend. too much traffic. weekday is beddah.

1 month ago

Good hike! After the waterfalls was hard, I climbed up about 12 noon. The sun is up, it's difficult to climb when it's hot! Make sure you bring hat or hike early. The last 1.5hrs is downhill and muddy! Be careful going down. I had help with guava trees. The hike took me almost 4.5hrs.

keeps you active.. not too much of views

1 month ago

This was an easy hike up to the falls with only a moderate incline. My boyfriend and I parked in the $5 lot at the base of the trail near the Treetop Restaurant and headed up the paved roadway on foot to the trailhead. Overall, it was pleasant, but crowded. There were many families and larger groups, especially once you get to the falls. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear, as wet rocks can be slippery, and bring bug spray as the mosquitoes can be unrelenting.

Great short hike. If you want to continue to hike you can take Aihualama trail just by the waterfall

on Manoa Falls Trail

1 month ago

Great little hike. Recommend coming after a good rain or else the falls is just a trickle. Lush surroundings and a nice impromptu hike if you just need to get out for the day.

1 month ago

Nice short hike right outside of town.