A Furious Journey of Life or Death was Determined by the Gods Imagine you had just broken the sacred laws, the kapu, and the only punishment was death. Your only chance of survival is to elude your pursuers and reach the Pu'uhonua, a place of refuge. The Pu'uhonua protected the kapu breaker, defeated warriors, as well as civilians during the time of battle. No harm could come to those who reached the boundaries of the place of refuge. Park closes 15 minutes after Sunset

Easy short hike.

Great walk around park. Then head out on the longer trail to see more. Even a restroom a mile out there !! A few geocaches around before park and great snorkeling at two steps

1 year ago

Easy, short trail with a lot of different things to see. Interesting to learn about the belief system and the place of refuge.

the park here is pretty nice they have allot of old Hawaiian homes and tikis the walk around the park is short and easy but there are two other trails that were a mile long each one coastal and one jungle. there is also a really nice place to bbq and have a picnic at the park nice scenery with tons of Palm trees and old ruins

Many Bible scholars have pointed out this site to be a very possible 'historical descentant' of the ancient Israelites' 'cities of refuge' which they were required to set up in their 'promised land.' The Hawaiian version of the legal rules/ protection rights for manslaughter/ murder offenders may have been slightly different, but one could not have asked for a more paradaisical setting on earth if one had to live here for the rest of one's life! We're sure you would agree!?