Forested area on a cinder cone close to downtown Honolulu. Lookout provides sweeping view of southern O'ahu from Diamond Head to Pearl Harbor, including Honolulu and Manoa Valley. Picnic shelters available. Trailhead for 'Ualaka'a Loop Trail (1-mile loop).

Do not underestimate this trail. Th last 1.5 miles is extremely difficult and sketchy at times.

super fun hike. I've done it several times. from pu'u ohia trail head to summit k2. only 2 hrs. I wouldn't say this is a dangerous hike at all. there are two routes you can take now. hard to explain but after the lookout of the reservoir you start on the trail head. after 5 mins on that trail you come to a fork in the trail. the left side is the more challenging one because it takes u along the side of the ridge line and that's where u experience the mud slides that have destroyed much of that trail. the right side of the trail back at the fork is safer and keeps u right on top of the ridge the whole time. there are a couple secret waterfalls. very difficult and time consuming to get to. elua pohaku falls has two very large boulders and is very unique but u have to take the water stream up to the top of the mountain to get there. no trail, just straight hike through the running water the whole way till u reach the two huge rocks... elua pohaku " two rocks" in Hawaiian. this is new to my knowledge no one knows of this and I believe I was the first to discover it on 9/26/16. good luck finding it.

Underestimated the trail. My route started on kalawahine trail to Puuloa flats to the lookout to about 2200 feet up right before the last major climb to K2. Both Kalawahine and Puuloa Flats were trail runnable which is exactly what i did all the way to the lookout. The difficulty spikes to advanced at this point. I was hugging the hills on all of my climb due to the wind, rain, and steep angle of ascent. I regretted running half the trail as i was feeling it about 2200 ft, looking directly at the final climb before K2. took a little under 3 hours with a break at my highest point. will save my energy next time and go slower to get to the top.

I did the loop which was about 10 miles it was all road very beautiful. I found a mango and ate it

7 months ago

This hike was unbelievable. Took us around 8 hours due to rains that hit and the incredible terrain. Felt like a mud run. For anyone looking for a real good adventure, this is more fun with wet conditions.

The first two hours has amazing roots and trippy looking things that catch your eye, along with the bamboo forest!

1 year ago

Well worth the hike, although both peaks were socked in fog, so no views. Took about 5.5 hours starting from Kalawahine Trail. Did it with Oahu Hikers & Adventurers -- a totally awesome hiking group from I only recommend this hike for advanced hikers. People have died on this trail.

Went hiking with the Boy Scouts I work with to finish off the hiking merit badge. We needed another 10 mile hike, and this was a great choice. To hike this trail, you start on the Kamananui trail and hike about 3 miles until you get to the Kulana'ahane trail sign. It is clearly marked on the left. The trail immediately crosses the stream and continues on into the woods. Don't be fooled by the beginning; the trail is well marked and easy to hike. Here is my review of the Kulana'ahane section of the trail (you can also read my review of the Kamananui section on this website):

Length: 2 miles (one-way)
Terrain: gentle rise/fall
Difficulty: EASY
Facilities: Bathroom at the parking lot of the Kamananui trail

The Good:
- Very easy trail, if you don't go beyond the state maintenance area.
- Lots of vegetation for cover from the sun.
- Some areas of the trail give you the feeling of exploring through a jungle.
- Stream crossings allow for water collection if necessary.
- Some places allow camping!

The Not so Good:
- Bugs. Bring spray.
- Stream crossings. We must have crossed that thing 20+ times. We lost count. We hiked it during a dry spell, so it was no big deal. If you hike this after it has rained a lot, be prepared to get wet. The trail may even be impassable, so take care.
- There is no real "destination" at the end of the maintained section. There is a stream with a small pool, but that is it.

Bottom Line: Great trail for a family hike (if the distance is okay). Easy to follow; rise/fall in elevation is easy. I'd go here again with a mountain bike! Also, the park is open from 7am-7pm, but we went at 6am and the gate was open.

NOTE: At the end of the maintained trail, if you continue to follow the stream bed and stay to the right, you will come to a large waterfall. It was dry when we hiked the trail, but it may be flowing after it rains. We hiked on land past the maintained section and it started to go straight up the ridge. This is where we got the view of the dry waterfall.

This was a killer but worth every bit. By far the roughest hike I have been on since I moved to Oahu. Started at Manoa Falls and trekked all the way to the top of Konahuanui. The trail from the end of Pauoa Flats all the way to the top is virtually all ridge line. Once you get to K2 and start heading to K1 it is a very muddy adventure. Huge cliffs on either side so if heights make you queasy I do not suggest. Also, after the Flats it is pretty much up, up, up the rest of the way. If these things do not bother you I highly suggest this high. I has amazing views 360. Everything way socked in with clouds once I got to K2 but I trudged along to K1 and was fortunate enough to get a good clearing of clouds and was able to take it all in!

2 years ago

From Kalawahine trail-Pauoa Flats lookout point= 46 mins
Pauoa Flats Lookouut Point- Kaumuhonu junction=50 mins
Kaumuhonu Junction to K2 summit= 68 mins

Allow time for picture taking etc...

2 years ago

It's been about 15 years since I did this hike. My hiking buddy and I started out by jackass ginger, and went all the way to the summit. Overall, I'd say it took us about 8 hours (up & back down). This was probably the toughest hike I've done. However the views are spectacular! I remember climbiing the last ridge going up to the summit, and turning around to sit down and rest on the narrow ridge, and looking down at the clouds below me covering Nuuanu valley! That's when I thought, "what the heck am I doing up here?" Then, I turned around after resting a few minutes and snapping some photos to continue heading up to the summit.