This was the hardest hike I've had in a long time.

Nice steep trail with no shade. Great view. Bring Sunscreen!

Definitely hard. We did it at 1pm. Hot! One way and Uber it back.

Great trail with beautiful views, but don't take it if there are gale warnings! Friend and I did it on a gale warning day and we had to stop about a quarter of the way after we both almost got blown off the rocks within 5 minutes of each other.

10 months ago

Nice train with great view and scenic shots. Worth bringing a camera. Trail is do-able for any age group. Bring lots of H2O because there's not too much shade; preferable to go in the morning or when there's clouds

Great trail, rocky and a steady climb. Made it to the wind mills (about 2mi) and turned around.

Started on the West side, only went up to the windmills, but a great day hike. Lots of field mice on the trail. It's super windy so you won't feel the sun, but it's still going to burn you (I speak from experience). I concur with some reviewers below, the trailhead is a bit hard to find. I was so distracted by the views of the shore that I walked right by it. You'll start on the old highway, but pretty soon after that there will be a trail on your left that goes up the mountain. There are arrows painted on the ground, but somehow I completely missed it. If you start to see the chain link fences on the ground to prevent rock slides, you've missed the trail.

We took the trail from the Maalaea side, headed up to the windmills (just past the 2.5 mile mark) and got some fantastic views of the valley and ocean on both sides. The first mile or so past the trailhead was very steep, but then it got a little better and less exhausting. The full 10 miles would have been way too much for us given the elevation gain, but it worked great as an out-and-back to the halfway point, and took us just around 2.5 hours total. All in all a very enjoyable hike!

We took two cars, left one at the Maalaea trailhead, the other on the Lahaina side where we began the hike. As noted in other reviews, go early. There is little shade and the sun can be brutal later in the day. The trail ascends dramatically, crossing between windmills #10 and #11 on the lower section (there is an upper section with, if I recall correctly, 14 more). The elevation at this point is probably 2000 to 2500 feet, from where one has spectacular views of Haleakala to the south and east, Maalaea below, Kaho'olawe and Molokini to the south and west, Lana'i to the west. From December to April, the humpback whales in the channels between the various islands will be readily visible. The descent on the eastern side is unnoteworthy, again hot and dry. Sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat, good footwear, and adequate water are necessities.

What an amazing hike! It's a bit painful trying to find the trail head, but totally worth the efforts. We started from Lahaina side early in the morning since a lot of reviews suggested that. I am glad we did that since the hot blaring sun gets unbearable on this un-shaded trail pretty fast. This trail shoots straight up from the get-go. It is not for the faint of the heart. However, the views are amazing even if you only stay on the trail for 15 minutes.

The directions to the trail head is easier from airport: Turn right to the first patch of trees once you pass the tunnel, From Lahaina, turn left as soon as you pass a big rocky wall with mesh on your left(preventing falling rocks). About 20 minutes from either airport or Lahaina.

What a great trail, I parked on the Lahaina side. I came from Wailuku (by the airport) so once I passed the tunnel it is a little on the right. Look for a patch of trees and the trailhead is there. You will get to park under the trees so once you return the car isn't hot at all. I hiked up 2.5 miles, just past the windmills, then hiked back the same trail. Views of the ocean the whole time, and whales playing.

In 2.5 miles the trail gained 1800 feet from the parking lot. The day I hiked it was dry so sure footing the whole time. If hiked after a rain just use little more caution due to slippery footing on rocks. I say take half a day small snack and sit and watch the whales. Don't forget the camera the views are stunning even if it isn't whale season.

This hike is tough! It's a fair amount of elevation, coming from Sea level, and it goes as high as you can. It is possible to reach the windmills, but it is private property, so I didn't get too close. You DO have to cut thru the tall grass to get there. Good thing There are no snakes on Maui.

If you go all the way up past the windmills, you'll eventually get to a lake up on the mountain (you can see it on Google Maps). If this is your plan, you'll want to either go at night on a full moon, or plan a camping trip because to hike it in and out during one long day will be unbearably hot and miserable. I didn't pass anyone on this hike. It was just me and my friend the whole time.

picked this up on the east Maui side..went to the crest and back down the same way since I went solo and had no other way to
get my car. View is breathtaking. Can't get too closet the windmills, though. Nice breeze all throughout the hike.

A great hike. Beautiful views,

It's a great trail, but a little hard to find; if you're coming from Lahaina, it's on the left side of the highway, under a patch of trees. If you've hit the tunnel, you've gone too far; if you can still pull over to the beaches, you haven't gone far enough. There are no markings, but it's the only open space on that side of the highway.

The trail itself isn't too difficult, but it is rather steep. It is best to do in the morning, before the sun has passed over the mountains. After that it's pretty grueling; there's little shade, and very little breeze. It definitely shows the drier side of Maui, but the views are gorgeous and if you can appreciate the barren rocky landscape, it's an amazing hike.