Hiked this in two days and camped overnight at Kalalau beach by the ocean. BEST hike of my life!! Also the most challenging. I did several others in Kauai before ending with this one, and it will definitely stand out from an all-around standpoint. So glad I did it, with my boyfriend, as I was daunted by the reviews and weather (tons of rain) leading up to it. Not for the faint of heart!! I'll never forget it or the incredible views of the Na Pali coast!

Amazing trail!!! Wear good shoes as the trail gets muddy if you plan on staying out there for more than a day. The camping at the 11 mile spot is much better than the 6 mile campsite in my opinion. Bring a tarp if you're camping!! Again... because of the rain...

This trail is a buggah, but worth every step! I think my husband and I were the oldest people to go out to the falls today and we met up with every honeymoon couple in Kauai which made for a happy trail. Go early in the morning, as early as daybreak. Then you get a parking space and the trail, going up at least, is manageable with the mud.Halfway to the falls we had the beach entirely to ourselves! The whole trip down was an adventure in slip and slide and by the time we reached the bottom we looked like we'd been swimming in mud... everyone else looked much cleaner, which we didn't get, but oh well. As others have stated bring lots of water, it's humid and warm, some food, and as one wise contributor noted: offerings for the kitty goddess who seems to reside at the falls. It took us about 6 hours total with stops at the beach and at the falls. Plan for a swim at the falls, it's fantastic! Oh, I slipped into the "stream" twice I think on the crossings. Besides some bruised pride it was no big deal. Everything is just slippery! One more thing: bring bug spray - one man who was with us at the falls and who we met up with several times on the way down said he was eaten alive. We sprayed before hand and had no trouble. It is a very buggy trail.

I would do it again but with hiking boots! Beautiful !

great destination trail. quite slippery, and challenging. Falls at the end were spectacular. Pool below amazingly refreshing (cold).

we started middle of the day and got in to the mile 6 (if I recall correctly) "camp site" ...there is a covering of sorts if it is raining but other then that not much. We took day packs and hiked to the beach the next day and then back to the same campground to stay the second nigbt. if I were to do it again I would stay at the 6 mile campground (especially if late as the sketchy trail section is soon after this spot!) and then stay 1-2 nights on the beach and then back out the next day. A 3 or 4 day trip if you have time would be great buy if not you can do it in 2-3 day trip.

21 days ago

amazing! take advantage of the climate and hammock camp if you want to cut weight and have more options for camping

Great hike. Beautiful but difficult because of slippery muddy trails and rocks.

Hi everyone, I did this hike back in July, and I'm sharing my experience with anyone who wants to hear about it. Or even just questions or tips etc.

Shoot me an email :)

I liked this hike a lot, the blisters and pain was totally worth the waterfall at the end but I do think this hike is for more experienced hikers, the first two miles to the beach are fine and moderate and BEAUTIFUL! Then the two miles to the waterfall are strenuous! I am an avid hiker but I wouldn't say I'm advanced and it was pretty killler for me. And then going back was tough as heck. The trail is muddier later in the day from everyone trecking through with wet shoes and wet clothes (you get wet on this trail whether you want to or not). It was a beautiful trail but strenuous. If I were to do this again, I'd bring a big lunch to eat at the waterfall and more water then just my camelback, as well as my hiking *boots* (not hiking shoes) and a towel and then keep a plastic bag and a change of shoes in the car for after the hike. Good hike! Props to those who do it with babies on their backs but holy cow, I wish I was more prepared!

28 days ago

This was an amazing hike. However, it is a very popular hike so be prepared to run into lots of people even mid week early in the morning. It seemed like most of the people are just hiking to the beach which is the half way point to the falls.

The hike itself is moderate to difficult. The first half is moderate depending on your level of fitness. The second half is difficult depending on weather and level of fitness. Very buggy when we went. The hike up to the falls is all slippery jungle with four creek crossings. Follow the red ribbons as some places the trail is easy to vear off of.

The falls are amazing! Well worth it. Bring offerings for the feline waterfall dieties!

Difficult especially due to the mud and slippery conditions. Well worth it though!

Easy trail typical Kauai trail with some wet spots, took my 21 month old in a babypack so 35+ pounds and hiked there and back with a 30 min rest on beach total time 3 hours. Anyone can do this trail.

1 month ago

it rained on us today (10/21/16). The 5 stream crossings were pretty fun but rough. Muddy, slippery, and overall awesome! Worth it seeing the magnificent falls.

Amazing hike but difficult during or after it rains. Pack plenty of food and water. I went through three liters without going to the bathroom once. Also, make sure to follow the ribbons tied to the trees once you get on Hanakapiai Trail (after Na Pali). If you do start hiking the wrong trail, which happened to us and judging by other reviewers it happens often, do not be alarmed. Just retrace your steps, find the first split, and look for the correct path with a ribbon tied to a nearby tree. Finally, plan at least 8 hours in case flash flooding stands you on either side of the river during the falls hike. Challenging hike but well worth it in the end. Felt like Rocky afterwards!