I am getting confused. All the hikes marked here are the Mokuleia Trail. On the top at the campground it turns into peacock trail. (Or am I wrong?) There is a road going to the campground but I was told you need a license.

I would say this trail is moderate. It's all paved, the incline is pretty intense after the first part. Great cardio and glutes workout. There is no shade, it's very hot, go early!

12 days ago

20 days ago

Used to run this trail weekly while living in Waialua, extremely hot during mid day hours, there is no tree cover until you are to the end at Peacock flats campground. It is a great loop trail with Kealia trail (beginning at the Airport) if your up for some good miles (16). Disregard Jim C.'s comments, he is obviously thinking of some other trail. You Cannot drive on this trail, it is gated/locked at the beginning and end up at peacock flats, and it is a paved road the entire 9 mile(up and down), so even if you did get access to open the gate for a vehicle, it is an easy drive on blacktop pavement even though you are at a 8-10% elevation gain the entire time. It does however turn into a dirt road at the top, often used by the military for drills, though you can get a vehicle up there from the leeward side with a permit from both the County trail association and the military gate post at the entrance. All it takes is a mailed in written request, they generally always honor the requests and will unlock the gate, giving you access to the the peak, tallest on Oahu!

22 days ago

One of my favorite hikes on Oahu. Only thing I regret was that I waited until we were moving, so I only got to go once. It was a great hike, lots of incline, decent shade, boulders to climb over, an awesome board walk through the forest. I was cloudy so my view was not that great, but still a great hike!!

30 days ago

I marched up Ka'ala today in 1:15, just missed the clouds for some awesome views. Passed a few other hikers but it was very quiet. The path can be easy to miss in a few spots, keep an eye out. Only took me 47 minutes to descend and I was moving pretty quickly, if you're new out there, be careful and use the ropes. Enjoy!!

1 month ago

The hike was incredible, constant elevation no forgiveness but the views are worth it. As of January 17, 2017 all the ropes are in good condition. A good pair of hiking footware is recommended as it can be a bit slippery at times.

This a tough trail. Be ready for steep, be ready for scrambles, be ready for mud- lots of mud. This the 2nd Kaala hike for my teenage daughter and I. Since last year, trail maintenance has improved with better purple blazes, better ropes and some convenient carved stairs. Tremendous views of west Oahu and if you're lucky the whole central Valley from North Shore to Pearl Harbor. Can be lots of cloud cover at the radar station on the summit. Wear good washable trail runners - traction is key. Also start early to avoid afternoon showers and to give yourself plenty of time for up and back - between 5 and 6 hours
Best adventure for Oahu father daughter team

2 months ago

hope you've kept your cardio up and haven't skipped leg day. it's a smoker until you hit the ropes make sure you check the forecast and start early In the morning, well before sunrise if you want a decent view. it's about 3 hrs up and down so make sure to pack a lunch and snacks that are light on the stomach. and take about 2 liters of water as well.

it's a pretty good endurance hike. if you don't do cardio much. your lungs are going to be hurting until you hit the rope climb

3 months ago

Amazing views, go on a dry day and be prepared for a lot of hiking using ropes. We did this in just over five hours and normally this length and elevation would take us about four hours. We're pretty fast hikers, but the ropes will slow you down no matter what.

We got to the top and the trail ended at an Air Force installation, there was a sign that said End if Trail. There wasn't any 360 view of the island or anything, but the views on the way up were incredible and you hike straight up the side of a really steep mountain so it made it a ton of fun. One of my favorite hikes I've ever done because of the views, technicality of the trail, variable terrain, the ridgeline, and the ropes that take you straight up what looks like a cliff from a distance.