Very overused and extremely muddy. Nice Falls though.

This trail offers great views and a real sense of accomplishment when you're done after 3 peaks. It's not a casual walk in the woods, unless you are maybe a navy seal.

super fun in the mud. Such a beautiful jungle/forest. Even swing from the vines.

Easy time finding the trail and relatively not muddy on the way up. Started raining once I got to the falls and that made everything a sloppy mess on the way back down. Waterfall was in full display considering the amount of rain we've been having.

loved it! muddy but great hike and fun swimming hole!

Awesome hike and swim area

My friend nicknames this the "Maunawili Mud Trail", and I agree! It is not a particularly long or steep trail - just a lot of mucking through the jungle. Be VERY careful with your footing. You'll be climbing over and under branches, balancing on tree roots and rocks to try and avoid the mud, and crossing the stream several times. If you're careful you can probably make it across the stream by balancing on the rocks, through at the very end I did end up getting my shoes wet when I missed the rock I was trying to step on.

Toward the end there are some steps going up and a really nice view, and then you will descend again and make it to the Falls. The waterfall is quite picturesque, and so beautifully tucked into the jungle. There were a couple groups of people jumping off the ledge into the pool below, which was cool to see! I honestly have no idea how they made it up there though.

Enjoy, and bring bug spray!

on Maunawili Falls Trail

30 days ago

Gorgeous hike. One of the most lush and green in Oahu. Great for that "jungle hike" feel. Just talk to the attendant at the golf club gate if you can't find the trailhead.

A great workout overviewing windward Oahu and the Koolau. Some areas, might need to repel. All worth it in the end. I haven't made it to the third peak.

This trail was Awesome. It was not easy and you have to be sure footed. We saw may people stop at the first pike but it is worth going all the way.
Be sure to wear good shoe and carry extra water.

great views and awesome falls