6 days ago

This is a good trail when its wet to get muddy and also a good workout on because getting your footing can be a challenge at times.

This was one of the hardest trails I've done in Hawaii. Only a few more trails beat out this one in terms of difficulty. This trail scales with increasing difficulty, starting from a brisk incline to climbing with three points of contact to rope climbs and then rappelling and more rock climbing. It also requires sturdy footing between the 2nd and 3rd peak as one misstep will send you off the side. I nearly fell off myself if it weren't for a tree branch I happened to be grabbing - but then I also do not recommend climbing when the ground is wet. If anyone is interested in the details of my hike, it can be found here:

Enjoy it, do not bring pets as it is prohibited and also unwise. Baby carriers are not recommended either past the 2nd peak. Good luck and have fun! The closest parking is across from the bus stop but it can only hold 5-6 cars so get there early as with every trail in Hawaii!

Awesome hike.....gets more challenging when it is muddy

Nice trail that I would rate class 3. There are some class 5 moves but you have a rope to hang onto decreasing the difficulty. It was a nice hike with good views. Legal parking is near the bus stop.

Great hike. We had to park on a side street, Auloa Rd and walk 0.75 miles to get to the trailhead. We were thinking it would be muddy from the reviews but was nice and dry. It took us about 90 minutes to get to the top of peak one. Started to rain on the way down, got lucky as it was getting slippery as we finished. We only saw 3 people all day.

9 days ago

awesome day to do it. mud was fairly dry and water was clear. made it to falls in 32 min.

11 days ago

Amazing hike though the beautiful Hawaiian rainforest with rewarding views and refreshing waterfall at the top.

11 days ago

Amazing and beautiful hike through the Hawaiian rainforest with rewarding views and refreshing waterfall at the top.

did not like it to much view not that great muddy

Hiked with a big group today, always challenging and never disappoints. Trail is currently dry so if your thinking about going now is the time!

Extremely muddy but so worth it when you get to the waterfall at the end. There are multiple places to jump in the lagoon as well!

it was muddy as shit ... lol but worth it

Amazing hike, bring a decent camera since your phone camera can't do justice.

awesome hike. it's a leg burner going up but worth it. do not park at the bottom by the fence or anywhere on that road. your car WILL be towed as it happened this morning

No need words just go

One word, MUDDY!!LOL.It was worth it tho.Heard about the "shortcut trail" so we decided to explore a bit coming down and found it! Took us about 1hr coming up, 15-20min coming down but we ended up in a neighbors driveway. If you do come across that way, please be respectful.

VERY fun trail to hike with a LOT of mud. Amazing swimming hole and waterfall at the end. Will definitely be hiking again. Be prepared to get really dirty and to slip around. Would recommend shoes you don't care about!

This trail has the most mud I have ever seen! Seriously, every review mentions mud and there's a good reason for it. Almost every step was in mud, sometimes to your shins. Fun hike with the family but sandals, even hiking sandals, are not good for this trail. I'd do this one agin but only in a drier season, if there is one.

22 days ago

This is a very fun hike! Great falls for swimming and jumping off into. It was very muddy on the trail the entire way but well worth going through.