Scenic wildland beach park characterized by prominent cinder cone Puu Olai and large white sand beach. Swimming during calm seas, bodysurfng, board surfng, shore fishing, and beach- related activities. No drinking water. CAUTION: Shore break can be dangerous.

It's a busy trail, but it's mostly flat and paved. The difficulty is definitely easy as others said.

Easy hike, nude beach at the beginning. Saw a homeless guy droppin a deuce on the trail, but from San Fran so used to it!

Was beautiful and not the least bit hard. Paved and breathtaking views

Beautiful views easy walking. So glad I got the opportunity to walk it

Easy walk. Amazing view of the coast. Awesome!

Lovely easy walk! Can be crowded go early.

LOVED walking this! The difficulty on this entry is incorrect. Should be labeled easy.

The view from the top is amazing! If your starting from Oneuli Beach don't start from the parking lot unless you want to bush whack through thorn bushes. Instead walk about 30 feet back up the gravel road and take the trail between the two biggest stumps.

Not sure why labeled as hard...unless your counting moving around a bunch of haoles who aren't paying attention. Then I'd understand the rating.

This hike had incredible views, my sisters and I had a wonderful time exploring the trail. It can be quite steep heading up the hills but the view from the top is absolutely worth it. The gravelly rocks can be very slippery at points on the trail, but as long as you're careful where you step you should be fine.

Gorgeous, but crowded path along resorts and beaches.

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11 months ago

This trail is actually located off Polo Beach. Short for a jog, but totally worth jogging it twice :)

Beautiful boardwalk right in front of the ocean. This walk passes many resorts and beaches. Great for a beach walk, but not considered a "hike". You can stop at several beaches and resorts along the way.

Fun hike. Pretty hot, but there's a rewarding beach at the end. Saw lots of deer. maybe 20 of them. No one else but us was on the trail