Fully paved trail. Good for families and young children. Heavily trafficked. Nice view at the top.
The lighthouse is currently closed and under construction. There is a really cool (but probably treacherous) trail out to the lighthouse that was also closed at the time we went.

Fun family hike and we were able to see whales as well!

Tons of kids, strollers, and tourists!! Really a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon. If you want a little extra - keep going to the top or check out the tide pools! Beautiful views!'

my favorite hike. beautiful views of the ocean and nature. arrive early or late to avoid crowds and parking problems. free parking! paved and not too steep

The hike is great for anyone. It takes about an hour return if you move at a quick pace. The track is paved the whole way up and is around 10' wide. Good for kids as well. We even got lucky enough to see some whales off in the distance.

Great hike, gorgeous views! Perfect for family time. Only bummer was that the lighthouse was covered due to construction.

I don't really consider a paved path hiking but I love the views from this "hike." We have also seen whales when walking this one. We frequently take our dog with us but there is so shade so you need lots of water and possibly booties for your dog. Also, if you are taking your dog take them early in the morning so it isn't as hot for them.

Nice and easy hike. Dog friendly!

Great family trail. Loved the little off the path trails.

Great trail with spectacular views!

nice hike great views

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1 month ago

All the way up jogging to the top, while the lighthouse is under construction. Windy, view is fantastic. Not much plants

Another trail that is great to do as a family. I usually take my grandson and push him on his stroller. It makes it a bit challenging to have something to push up as the hike is pretty easy. Great view!

Took the kiddos out in the stroller for this one. Hubs did the dirty work of pushing. Definitely an intense walk on the way up but it was still fairly easy. Great views most of the way up with a few different lookouts. Beautiful view from the top. Would definitely recommend to others.