nice hike great views

trail running
11 days ago

All the way up jogging to the top, while the lighthouse is under construction. Windy, view is fantastic. Not much plants

Another trail that is great to do as a family. I usually take my grandson and push him on his stroller. It makes it a bit challenging to have something to push up as the hike is pretty easy. Great view!

Took the kiddos out in the stroller for this one. Hubs did the dirty work of pushing. Definitely an intense walk on the way up but it was still fairly easy. Great views most of the way up with a few different lookouts. Beautiful view from the top. Would definitely recommend to others.

Loved it! We went at the end of January last year and saw tons of humpback whales spouting and even breaching off in the ocean! The lighthouse was really cool too and and the view at the end was beautiful. On a clear day you can see the island Molokai way off in the distance.

I would suggest going later in the day or on a cooler day, as the pavement can get hot. I will definitely be going again this year to try and whale watch.

I carried my 8 month old at noon after walking to Peles Chair. It was HOT!
make sure you bring water and sunscreen.

Very easy but would suggest exploring a bit. Be careful when going down to the dragons nostril, tons of lose rocks. Trail is marked by arrows on the way back up. We were just about to jump in the tidal pool when we saw a huge wave crash in and knock down to girls so be sure it's perfect weather and even then, be careful.

We did this trail on an overcast Monday morning, and it was very pleasantly empty. We passed only a few other groups of hikers the entire time we were there. We strayed from the main trail to explore the area around Dragon's Nostrils. We reached the bottom, but turned around because it began to rain, and we were worried about slipping on wet rocks. If you choose to do so, exercise caution, as climbing is required at some points. The lighthouse itself was great, and I can imagine that on a clear day, the views would have been spectacular. Overall, it was very enjoyable. We loved the views (despite the clouds) and had fun wandering off of the trail.

Awesome awesome scenic view.. just a couple things:

If you are mildly scared of heights you will be good due to you can stay off the cliff trail almost the whole way. (But cliff trail is awesome)

If you are terrified of heights don't do this hike

Bring sunblock and fully charged phone for a lot of pics.

I parked at the lighthouse parking lot and walked up the road until you see the trail veer left up the hill with an immediate do not hike sign. Just by pass and either traverse up the hill or go straight up which ever you prefer, just stay close to the Ridgeline and you will see the trail once you get up to the top of the first hill.

Enjoy :)

Great trail. Easy. People pushing strollers it's so easy. Can get pretty warm. Go check out the view from some pill boxes. It's worth it.
20-25$ Uber from Waikiki.

Great view. Nice trail!!

Great place to hike for the novice hiker. Paved trail with spectacular views and pet friendly.

Nice easy Hike.