What a rewarding hike! Takes at least half a day if you stop a lot to enjoy the views and take pics along the way...breathtaking! One of the least muddy of all the trails I've done lately but there are plenty of steps at the top! Totally worth every step!

Nothing inspiring for me to see my opinion, just a walk in the woods. However, if your looking for quiet this it it.

Such a beautiful hike with amazing views! If it looks like it's going to rain, it will! We hiked in the pouring rain & towards the summit it got sketchy. Bring spikes & hiking stick if you have!

They wouldn't let me in to hike, because I didn't have a Hawai'i ID. I gave them my University of Hawai'i Faculty/Staff ID, as well as my South Carolina Driver's License, but it wasn't good enough. I even had my 5yr old daughter with me. Lame.

Great hike

Fun hike with beautiful views!