3 days ago

I have done this one twice already. I had my husband and our 8 year old with me for the second time and our friends and their 2 kids age 11 and 6. The kids had to find some inner strength but they all made it up and back down with a few breaks. It was 90 degrees, sunny and not much breeze last time, which made the dirt dusty all over, we were covered in orange dust lol but nothing some baby wipes before lunch didn't cure! Take it slow on the way down and sidestep and wear good shoes and bring water!

on Koko Crater Trail

5 days ago

Good workout. Scenic climb. Did it in flip-flips, which I wouldn't necessarily recommend.

8 days ago

heavily trafficked...
Nice morning exercise

11 days ago

Great short hike straight up hill. Very gratifying experience hiking up the stairs. 360 degree views. Plenty of parking

13 days ago

Pretty damn fun trail to hike. My wife and I took our 10 year old daughter along. She had no problems getting up or down. Had a blast.

Koko head is a must do when you come to Oahu. I have done the stairs twice in the time I've lived here. It's not easy in my opinion but it is worth all the sweat it takes to get to the top. The view is incredible. I recommend going up before the sunrises.

My 13 year old beats me to the top but my 7 year old will not do it. If it has recently rained watch your step! It can be very slippery and people fall very easily.

rails trails
15 days ago

Make sure you bring GOOD hiking shoes with you on this one. It's the stair master on steroids and some of the wood can be slippery. I suggest going one hour before sunrise - it's not crowded and you don't have a flood of people coming down the other way.

18 days ago

One of my favorite stairs, anywhere. You get rewarded with some beautiful views at the top. Well worth the hike up to to top when visiting Hawaii. I plan to visit this hill at least once whenever I'm in Honolulu.
-EASY - NOT HARD. Do not believe what others are saying that it's difficult. If you plan to run up in 12-15 minutes (or go max efforts all the way up) then this can be a hard hill. But if you take it slow and make this a leisure hike because you're not a master of stairs and take breaks as you need along the way then this is an easy doable hike. My 4 and 7 year old girls did this hike with me with no issues.
-BRING LOTS OF WATER. At least 1 Liter per person. If you don't need that much you can dump them at the top before you come down. If you have children, please don't forget to bring some for them.
-YES IT'S CROWDED. It's a great place and it's popular so it's going to be a challenge to get a selfie without someone else being in your photo too but don't be discouraged by this. It just means there are many nice people to say hello to or even chat with along the way up or down.
-BRIDGE. There is a bridge section about 1/3 of the way up. There is probably a 10 foot drop to the bottom if you fall through between the wooden steps. Some people crawl on four points on the way up and scoot on their buttocks on the way down in this section. One of the days someone's dog fell down that section. IF you or your children gets scared of this section DO NOT cross it. Instead, look to to the RIGHT side of the track (looking up) and you will see a trail that circumvents this. For safety sake, take the trail. Don't worry you're creating erosion. The trail was created already.

ENJOY. HAVE FUN. TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS. Climb it back to back multiple times if possible and soon you will be the master of these stairs.


19 days ago

Not for the faint of heart! Definitely more of a work out than a leisurely hike, but totally worth it for the view up top and sense of accomplishment. Christmas tree was still up today. Yay for 2017!!