Great Viewing over Part's off East and South.

harder than it looks. more like a CrossFit exercise than a hiking trail.

Awesome climb but tricky decent. My knees are going to hate me tomorrow!

Great hike!!

Very steep, bring water and sunscreen. Go slow, take your time, views are amazing. 40-60 minutes to summit. I saw plenty of kids and older ppl climbing so anyone can do it. Have fun

10 days ago

If you're not an active person this is hard. Take water and sunscreen. This can take you 45- over an hour to climb.

Great workout. I kept a steady pace up and basically ran down, and my legs were pretty sore for a couple days. Can be done if you're in moderately good shape, just be sure to pace yourself at the beginning. It gets harder about halfway due to the steeper angle.

on Koko Crater Trail

trail running
11 days ago

Awesome workout!!!

It is amazing!!!!!! I would use his app when hiking though because towards the beginning you can get lost at a couple points. Bring water and gaterade and more water and gaterade. The scene is worth going all the way up but be careful because it is slippery with mud in some parts. If you're older or have knee problems I advice not to go the entire way (can easily lose balance and fall). Make sure you bring enough food too, it is a workout. It took us about 3.5-4hrs because it is a constant slight uphill.

No much blooming now,but nice to work without heat.

quick and intense, it gets pretty hot. windy at the top, great view!

Hard climb but an awesome view.

Did this for the Full Moon Hike. So beautiful when you get to the top. Bring a head lamp and prepare to dodge the roaches!

Awesome trail. Recommend to bring shoes that has good grips. The view is amazing and it's very relaxing.

Relatively hard to get up the steps if you've never done it before, but totally worth it! I went on my first day in Hawaii and although my legs may hate me tomorrow, I am so glad I went! Definite Hawaii must.

on Koko Crater Trail

24 days ago

25 days ago

Stairs. That's all I can say. Take your time to get to the top and enjoy the wonderful scenery. It's worth it.