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Koke'e State Park offers commanding views of the lush, amphitheater-headed Kalalau Valley from 4000 feet elevation. Wildland picnicking, tent camping and lodging. Hiking in native rain forest and along rim of Waimea Canyon; additional trails in neighboring forest reserves. Excellent area for observation of native plants, forest birds and insects. Seasonal plum picking and trout fishing. Pig hunting in public hunting area.

After doing the Grand Canyon Arizona, any other canyon is less than spectacular. It wasn't disappointing though. Just not as majestic as Arizona. I probably shouldn't compare the two because the Grand Canyon sets the bar too high. This one is unique in that it's on a tropical island and not in a desert. It's definitely a greener canyon and if you're a hiker hanging out in Hawaii, you won't want to miss it.

6 days ago

9 days ago

Great hike. The trail is washed out in places and you have to figure out the way. A little slippery too. The river was pretty and we had a great time. Very strenuous.

Beautiful views of the canyon. Worth every bit of the walk. Small waterfall and pond st the end where we had lunch. The trail can be slippery, most of my group took a soft fall at some point so shoes with good traction and/or walking sticks can be helpful.

Comments don't do this hike justice, hands down this offers the best views of the Na'Pali coast! Highly recommended!

suuuuper easy deff not moderate.

15 days ago

The view at the end was beautiful. But it's 3.25 miles of nothing to look at to get there (and then again on the return). It was super muddy and slippery. Wear proper hiking boots and pick yourself up a walking stick at the beginning. View at the end was nice. I probably wouldn't do it again. Hike out was slippery downhill and hike back was steep uphill.

this hike was absolutely beautiful; mixed with forest, cliffs and Oceanviews. The end view is well worth the hike back up. word of caution; I did this hike mid-January 2017 and the erosion at the end has taken place. I dont consider myself afraid of heights, but I wasn't willing to do that piece. Still got to see some amazing views and explored the hilltop though!

29 days ago