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Went on Dec 4, 2016. Trail was muddy but very manageable. View at the end was spectacular.

4 days ago

Very beautiful, wonderful views of the canyon. Mud was a bit slippery so be aware of that.

Definitely one of the best hikes in Kauai and of my life! Best bang for your buck!

Awesome views of Waimea canyon - tough too but not too long - an easy day hike that can be tacked onto another. I would do this one again!

One of the best hikes of my life! Incredible views, absolutely stunning! Did it twice on the same trip and would do it again!

Great trail . 2 medium size water falls at the end . It was a good size trail . Decently hard coming back up . I'm 25 . Bring water and a lunch !

11 days ago

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19 days ago

The ferns are difficult to walk though - it's a fairly long trek through the bush. Do not overlook wearing long pants even in the heat or you will leave scratched up. The end result is spectacular and gives you incredible views of the na Pali coast.

It's an exhausting trek back up.

Amazing views

27 days ago

We did this hike after an 7-miler elsewhere in the canyon, so we were a little worn out by the time we got to it. The woman at the lodge lead us to believe that the trail would be relatively flat. In actuality, there were many ups and downs and several steep grades. We didn't have a problem with mud, as it was a dry day, but the loose dust was definitely slippery. The waterfall was pretty cool. We continued past the falls to the right and up onto the opposite bank. You have to muscle through some dense vegetation, but you emerge into a small clearing on the left bank on top of the second level of the waterfall. Be careful though, because one wrong move or misstep could send you over the edge of the falls.

28 days ago

Absolutely amazing views that you could only see from a boat or helicopter. It's muddy for sure, and more a path then a trail, but amazing. Lots of ferns, and overgrowth on the path so I'd recommend wearing long pants. There are views the entire hike, non stop, but the total view from the end is the icing on the cake.

Started at Pu'u O Kila look out total of 8.54 miles in and out! Beautiful and fun hike. we had a group of 12 total age ranging from 2-48! Bring LOTS of water .

Amazingly! Took the trail in to the waterfall headed back and took the road at the fork in the trail. The road beat going up the sleek muddy path.