Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area is a 384-acre park located approximately 12 miles from Waikiki. Keawa Heiau is located at the park entry. Continue along the paved park road to the campgrounds, picnic areas, and trailhead for the 'Aiea Loop Trail. Groves of Norfolk pines and eucalyptus trees create a forest recreation environment on the hills above the town of 'Aiea and Pearl Harbor. A resident caretaker near the front gate should be contacted in the event of emergencies.

Good trail. Nice if you're not looking for anything technical.

It was alright. Not one that I'll want to do again.

The views are as rewarding as the effort. However, be cautious as the hike recently have choppered police men land at the radio tower around noonish. The rest of the hike is legal other than your halfway point.
What to bring?: hiking shoes or boots, if it's been raining lately I'd grab some microspikes for safety. Water, 90 oz at least. 3 protein bars. And if you want to be the hero in critical situations, a long rope with a first aid kit. Make sure to have significant phone battery or a good camera to archive such memories. Email me if interested, I don't live far from the start and I'd be down if you are:

Fun trail, just be prepared for mud.

great walking...some shady area and some are not

10 days ago

Everything I ever wanted. Plenty of things that can go right, too many things that can go horribly wrong.
This hike has the best views closest to Honolulu. Couldn't even tell you how absolutely amazing it is.

The first 3 miles, JAM on it because you'll make up a lot of time then.
Super straight forward, real easy.

After about 2.7 - 3 miles you get to a sign on your left hand side that say's Kulana'ahane Trail.
Instead trek up about 10m and to the left again is an unmarked trail.
It will quickly take you up to where you need to be.
It's going to seem ENDLESS, because think about it - you're climbing to the highest peaks.

As you get towards the top ESPECIALLY at the ridge it gets really muddy and slippery.
It can be very dangerous at the ridge.
Wear a good pair of shoes or boots with grip.

There is a obvious fork in the trail at the top. Left takes you to the radio tower/Haiku stairs, the right... just don't go right...

15 days ago

Hey everyone. So I'm at an Airbnb right down the street from here. Does anybody want to hike this with me?

We did the entire loop plus spent some time at the stairs. Roughly a 9 hr hike with breaks and a slight detour getting lost at the ginger field on the way back. Really amazing hike for the adventurous and definitely not for the faint of heart. Police chopped touched down at top of Haiku stairs to drop off a guard around 1130 so be careful!

Just completed this hike today, started at 10am and was in my car by 530pm. I went to the very top and sat on the Haiku stairs. It was amazing. The trail itself is a bit sketchy but nothing like crouching lion. If anyone has any questions or wants some info feel free to email me.

If you are at all concerned about mud getting everywhere a d slipping and falling then this hike is not for you. At one point you will be a klex deep I mud while slipping down hill. Cool views pretty intense parts due to fallen logs.

It had just rained and there was a lot of mud but it just added to the overall experience. This is a must-do for any respectable trail runner. 5 stars...

on Aiea Loop Trail

23 days ago

Dope as fu#k ..