Awesome hike

trail running
7 days ago

well worth the steep hike. The view is golden...

this was my first trail here on this island and it was so beautiful i am now gonna start hiking more.

One of my favorite hikes on the island so far. Me and my group of around 15 got to the top and halfway to the very end in around an hour. I wore my combat boots and had no problems but some of the group with worn tennis shoes slipped on the loose gravel. If it rains you're in for a very muddy experience because the whole trail is dirt and rock so be careful. If you're coming to Oahu for a vacation you should definitely try out this hike while you're here

27 days ago

Multiple routes and splits going up, so if one looks sketchy there's other options. (Did it with a dog and 5 year old)

Very fun! Did this hike with my family and dog. Nice view, don't miss out going all the way up!

Gorgeous views at the top! It's a quick, moderate hike. Challenging to find parking, but worth the hike.

This is beautiful and has great history but it's crowded and was t long enough for us. Once we got to the pillboxes we followed the trail further and explored other parts of the mountain, which was well worth it. There were basically no people on that portion and we got to see other parts of the island, which were pretty but there are more magnificent hikes on the Ohau. It spits you out into a neighborhood in Lanikai. It's a moderate hike, not too difficult or easy. Just right.

Loved it! Hiked with 3 kids (12, 4, 19 months). Backpacked the 4 y.o. And baby with no problem. 12 year old had no problem with trail. We climbed the left side because we enjoy more challenging hikes, but the right side is a better option for a beginner. Can be slick in spots just take it slow and pay attention especially if backpacking kids. Overall a nice quick and easy family hike, we were up and down in an hour. Views were awesome. Negative is that it is busy:(

Overrated and getting too crowded, but beautiful view of Lanikai at sunrise....

Went during one of the hottest and most humid days of my vacation visiting my sister, and I still managed to make it to the top fairly quickly.. with asthma mind you.. It's pretty rocky in some parts, I'd recommend wearing a decent set of shoes with good tread or hiking boots, BRING WATER, and there is a spot or two that the trail splits but goes to the same place... STAY RIGHT

Very Nice Views of Lanikai. This trail is a constant upward walk, very steep in areas but there is enough around you to grab onto to push on, the loose dirt and rocks make this seemingly easy hike a bit challenging at times, good shoes is recommended especially coming down "note, it didn't help me as a rock edge came loose and down I went, luckily I'm a guy and scars are manly right". So, if your worried about scratch or skid scars, you may want to wear long jeans "lol". I'm sure 90% make it up and down no problem, the other 10% like me get a little banged up, but nothing crazy. I seen three skidding down on there butts in areas but nothing that a little bubu kiss wouldn't cure. Enjoy, highly recomended.

Great adventure!! Really rocky and slippery especially when wet. Not recommended for kiddies on backpacks nor lil ones period. Flip flops NOT RECOMMENDED. Good hiking shoes recommended and HIKING POLES CAN BE helpful Wet or dry rocks can be slippery. AWESOME beautiful VIEWS ALONG THE JOURNEY To The PILL BOX.

Beautiful views in every direction. Not that challenging when the ground is dry, though I could definitely see how recent rain/mud could complicate that. I really enjoyed this as a quick up-and-back.