We walked all the way with 10 yr old and my husband wore our 10 month old in a frame carrier. You'll need lots of water, reapply sunscreen, and we attached a neck fan on the frame carrier to keep my 10 month old cool. Very sunny and no shade. Saw a seal lying on the beach and the whales breaching. High traffic on the weekends.

We traveled along the truck path, it was muddy which caused us to take some shoreline detours but it wasn't too bad if you don't mind getting a little dirty. We saw Albatross and Monk Seals. Some even saw whales.

I'm a beginner hiker so it was pretty long for me but because it had no incline is was doable.

Very easy hike with amazing view. Saw few whales

It's more a long walk than a hike. The park at the end is beautiful. We saw a seal. And we brought our service dog in. The cop even said it was okay.

It's a bit muddy and the terrain is wavy so it's tough to keep a consistent pace. I tried to see if I could catch the sunset from the tip but needed another 30 min. Next time!

Amazing sights! I think the trail is about 6 miles total but we spent a lot of extra time hiking around the very point and ended up doing 8 miles. Sunscreen is a must because there is hardly any shade.. especially for the first 4 miles. We saw a lot of albatross, and Hawaiian sea monks. Keep distance from the animals, the worst thing is to see tourists using their selfie sticks 2 feet away from the marine life. Bring plenty of water, I finished my full camelback with 2 miles of trail left, one water bottle won't do.

Beautiful, but come prepared! It gets HOT. Wear a hat. Bring sunscreen, a snack, and an umbrella. Bring more water than you think you will need. A 20 oz bottle won't cut it. We brought 2L each, and even that was gone by the time we returned. Walk near the water to enjoy all of the views the hike has to offer. Watch for seals at the shore.

The wildlife here is truly amazing. We saw albatross, Hawaiian monk seals, and humpback whales. (On that note, please be respectful of the wildlife, i.e.: not getting too close or throwing rocks ...)

I would recommend going early or late in the day to avoid the direct heat and sunlight. We went just before sunset and, at a brisk pace, made the hike there in about an hour. The trail is flat except for in a couple parts. Once you pass the gate you'll be walking in the sand for a bit until you reach the end. On the way back we took our time a bit more and caught the sunset - awesome!

feels great when you're the first ones there. started 6am. about 1hr n 45mins to get there about an hour back. it's not that bad. water was rough out there but the ponds were nice too. early morning is better because it gets hot fast. happy hiking to all!