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Muddy and wet. Was a good hike but poorly marked trail. I figured it out after a couple backtracks. I'd say less than moderate but a good hike to knock the rust off if you haven't been out in awhile.

Great adventure. Wet and muddy, though. Waterfall was beautiful even with overcast day.

fairly easy. when the path spilts into 2, go down not up

7 days ago

Great hike. Nice and muddy, but definitely worth it.

Nice trail. Super muddy but I wouldn't have it any other way. Will take you to the top of the Haiku stairs. The end point is worth the work!

Best short hike to the falls...

Great hike, did it with my 4yr old. She walked it on her own

Great quick hike

Amazing .. not to hard just a lot of climbing .. super worth it!! Loved it

Decent enough hike, prefer one with a more scenic finish.

love the trail and the waterfall is beautiful.

Muddy, lots of mosquitos but fun!

Super muddy, be ready. Take bug spray or bust. Great hike, grab a bamboo to help navigate. When you think you are almost there go a little more then when you hit the trail head opposite of the falls bare right to the summit.

hike covers everything from old ruins to being enveloped in a bamboo forest and standing underneath a waterfall!

Wasn't 1.7 miles at all but it was a good hike.

30 days ago

We did about half of the loop to the lookout point after connecting from the Aihualama Trail. Like the Aihualama, this trail can be very muddy in places. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear. A walking stick is helpful to steady you as you climb around deeper patches of mud. I would recommend bringing bug spray. We forgot ours and were eaten alive before we got to the lookout. Despite this, the views at the lookout were phenomenal, and the breeze, welcome.

30 days ago

My boyfriend and I connected to this trail from the Manoa Falls Trail and continued on to the Pauoa Flats Loop to the lookout point. The trail was pleasantly empty after the crowds we experienced at the falls. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear with good tread. The trail is muddy in some places and a tangle of roots in others. I would suggest caution if it has recently rained. We enjoyed the sections of bamboo forest, and old pieces of bamboo were easily repurposed into walking sticks. The views from the lookout made the muddy, uphill trek totally worthwhile.