15 days ago

Jan 2017. Did part of this trail a couple days ago, came back today to do the full loop and loved it! Muddy in parts, but less so than Hau'ula loop last week. Parts of the trail are damp and jungly, other parts more open and drier. I didn't have my phone or a map, but the trail was very easy to follow, and marked the whole way with pink and orange ribbons. I went counterclockwise (i.e., took a right when I came to the hiker sign), which meant the ridge with ocean views was at the end. The ridge portion is a relatively short stretch of the trail overall though. In the counterclockwise direction, the trail goes up for a while, then down for a while, then another short up and down at the end. Wearing short sleeves, long pants, and no bug spray, I got two to three mosquito bites (the damp jungle sections are buggy, though sounds like less so than in summer).

19 days ago

Muddy in parts, but I did it in tennis shoes (though they ended up covered in mud). I'm usually a mosquito magnet but didn't have any spray and only got one bite. I went clockwise, beautiful views on the way down. Parts of the trail are covered with soft, springy pine needles that were great to hike on. I saw footsteps but didn't see anyone on the trail. Great birdsong and trees! Don't do this for the waterfalls (they're pretty small) but otherwise a very pretty hike.

1 month ago

First hike in Hawaii. Easy trail, slightly muddy but great views.

on Hauula Loop Trail

2 months ago

it was my first hike. it was fun and beautiful. a little muddy. beautiful mountain views.

3 months ago

Lovely challenging hike. Got to see all different terrains and the views were lovely. We had the trail to ourselves

It was a bit muddy and slippery in spots which made for a more difficult hike. But it was very serene and only saw 4 others the entire loop. Will definitely come back to the area again!

Good starter hike. Lots of bugs, but Off! kept those away. Left at about 8am. Easy trail to follow. Maybe a mile of hard-is terrain. Plenty of mud, but easily passable. Good views but not spectacular. Was right by where we stayed though so the accessibility was nice. At the end of the day if you're out in nature, it's a win, but this one's definitely just a primer.


5 months ago

i thought this trail was easy but also enjoyable and laid back. alot of good views.

6 months ago

This Trail is the hardest of the 3 Hauula Trails in my opinion, but frankly offers the best view at less than a quarter of a mile in. The rest of the time you're spending it back in the valley, it does clear out slightly near the "end" of the loop to give you another view of Hauula, but nothing as good as the first view port. If you're just looking for a view it's about the best you're going to get early on.

A LOT of mosquitoes, come prepared as they will feast on you unless you brought your DEET.

When I was there in June 2016 near the very back of the trail fallen trees and a small stream made a difficult crossing to get to the second half of the trail.

After crossing this stream and fallen trees I noticed that this portion (the back portion) of the trail had been lightly trafficked if at all in recent months, lots of over growth, so its recommended that you're either wearing long socks or something to protect your legs.

Near the end of the back portion of the trail you'll find it completely washed out, forcing you to shimmy down into a gully of sorts, and then shimmy back up, definitely not something I'd attempt with a kid on my back nor with small children, nor after a big rainstorm.

Even with all of these issues I felt this was the superior trail, take a look at my photos, the view is worth the hike alone!

6 months ago

This is a great trail and the easiest of the 3 Hau'ula Trails.

There is LOTS of Mud, especially after a rain storm; make sure to have good shoes. Also there are TONS of mosquitoes, make sure you're wearing repellent or you will be eaten alive.

6 months ago

Really nice hike with some great mountain views once you get up on the ridge. Definitely muddy in the very shared spots but it was a nice way to feel like you're in the jungle on a mountain!

way to muddy and not kids friendly like they said .

Good hike trough shifting vegetation and some nice views. Not hard but the elevation sure raise your heart rate at times. It was easy to follow the trail.

1 year ago

Awesome trail for a nice trail run. Muddy in sections, be careful of super slippery sections.

May 2014. Beautiful and fun hike.

Completed both loops on the Hau'ula loop trail. Not much for scenic views on the top of the hill compared to other trails in Oahu, but none the less still beautiful scenery all around the jungle. Had to ford a little stream on the second loop trail, but not too dangerous at the time. The slight climbs were a decent workout. Slippery at times.