great hike but very muddy

4 days ago

trail is in horrible shape, but the water fall and pool were nice.

This a great hike! Beautiful waterfall at the end of the hike!!

15 days ago

19 days ago

fun fun fun!

fun and challenging! totally worth the trek!

22 days ago

The full trail is 10-11 miles if you want to see the summit. Hike is easy for the first 3 miles, then you will hit the rope climbs and sketchy muddy paths. I was glad to have been using hiking poles for balance. I haven't made it to the summit but plan to when I have at least 7 hours free. I made it to the 4th mile before I hit my time limit and had to turn back. 8 miles in 4 hours.

Great hike and not as difficult as people make it seem. The waterfall is pretty sweet and has some rope swings and rocks you can jump from, maybe 15 feet high, where the rope with all the knots hits the water is about 12 feet deep. Must do this hike with family who visit.

25 days ago

We started the hike from California Avenue at about 8:45 am and got back out about 6:30 pm. Yeah its a long way to the end of the trail with a great view of Kahana valley and all the way to the ocean. The first part of the journey is quite boring with 2.5 miles on jeep road. The trailhead is well marked and the first portion of it is well cleared. Once past the fence line, the path is quite rough and the ground is full of holes. Be prepared for a muddy trail, windy and wet conditions, and rough terrain. If you can manage all that, you will truly be rewarded with a spectacular view!!!!
Here is the blog : https://paulchenghockpeh.wordpress.com/2016/10/03/schofield-waikane-trail/

29 days ago

Great hike but not for beginners or kids, my company did the summit hike and after we passed the 'this trail is impassible' sign we hit very narrow ledges and sketchy cliff side trails. About an hour in it started raining and after all 80 of us had tromped and slipped our way through ankle deep mud we hit the summit and then had to make the trek back which was worse because you could no longer keep your footing. If you plan on taking this trail know that it is actually 11 miles if you hit the summit and back and if it rains you should be careful and possibly turn back.

Great hike with beautiful views.

Beautiful waterfall but super slick. Definitely not for little ones.