Nice trip with parents. Easy trails with ok views on top

This is a very heavily trafficked hike, that includes a lot of stairs so be ready for the glutes to burn. Very family friendly trail, with a pretty view of Honolulu. There is dark tunnel part of the way through that's kind of fun and the kids seem to enjoy as well. Overall it's a good hike, that's not too hard but very busy! Also it's a dollar entrance fee per person!

Physically, this trail is on the easier end, though the stairs can be a bit of a workout. I was not winded or in pain from it. But...

There is not much shade, and today it was hot, very humid, and there was very little breeze. This made it a bit miserable.

The views from the top were beautiful, but you are far from alone, so you won't be able to get a 360, but I still got really nice pictures. The way down was very quick. We saw a few ferrets. Then we got Shaved Ice, a Pina Colada smoothie and coconut juice.

12 days ago

Raining very hard that day but the hike was good. Views were not that good because of the rain. Would be a better hike on a sunny day.

Great views!!! Only down side lots of people.