Good hike. Easy trail for all levels.

Great hike, I am very inexperienced and I had a super great time.

Amazing views and it is an easy hike. Very highly trafficked because it is doable for anyone. There are some stairs and tunnels/caves but that makes it more interesting and fun. Once you make it to the top, a very courteous gentleman will offer to place a "finisher stamp" on your map or ticket. The ticket must be purchased at the entrance and it costs $1 per "walking-in" individual (CASH ONLY). There is nice space available for picnics at the bottom and also several benches and rest areas along the hike. Took me about 1 hour to complete and definitely recommend it to anyone.

my first time was a year ago and being a sedatary person...I was good til the stairs...huffed n puffed, a year later...been there 4 -5 times aince...piece of cake

Great beginners hike

Awesome hike that my wife and I did on our honeymoon. Steps for days...but the view at the top is totally worth it!

Good quick hike. Only downside is a lot of tourist that can slow down the hike.

So many people it's hard to go at your own pace. View was worth it but you had to wait in line to get to the railing

20 days ago

Great short hike to see the sunrise. Get there right as the park opens at 6 am as the crowds are heavy. Takes 20 minutes to get to the top but the view is spectacular.

Go early. It gets really crowded. Also, the last .3 mile is up steps, to include a spiral staircase. The view is great, but it is very crowded.

Fairly easy but can be a bit touristy and crowded but great views at the top.

The trial is very, very crowded but still a great experience. Great views as well!

Crowded but easy for beginner

Heavy foot. Simple hike for the family including baby. Wish we would have brought our little princess

After hiking several ridges and trails, Diamond Head was lackluster. Arrive early to get parking and avoid the congestion of tourists

I did this hike 4yrs ago on Thanksgiving day with my hubby & kids. The trail has stairs in different areas, tunnels & is a pretty good workout. Lots of people but worth the view

I did this hike a while ago, great workout but too many people. Get their early!