Beautiful hike near waikiki many tourist go, best time to visit it mid week! ive done it many times and it never gets old

Great on a cool Hawaiian morning with my wife Darlene!

This is an awesome starter trail, as it is paved all the way up for the most part. It is semi steep if you have not hiked a whole, but there are stairs if you choose as well, at the top. Good trail to fun up, really fantastic view, great place for visitors and kiddos. Parking can be rough, and I think it's 3-5 dollars ish, can't remember.

Nice trip with parents. Easy trails with ok views on top

This is a very heavily trafficked hike, that includes a lot of stairs so be ready for the glutes to burn. Very family friendly trail, with a pretty view of Honolulu. There is dark tunnel part of the way through that's kind of fun and the kids seem to enjoy as well. Overall it's a good hike, that's not too hard but very busy! Also it's a dollar entrance fee per person!

Physically, this trail is on the easier end, though the stairs can be a bit of a workout. I was not winded or in pain from it. But...

There is not much shade, and today it was hot, very humid, and there was very little breeze. This made it a bit miserable.

The views from the top were beautiful, but you are far from alone, so you won't be able to get a 360, but I still got really nice pictures. The way down was very quick. We saw a few ferrets. Then we got Shaved Ice, a Pina Colada smoothie and coconut juice.

13 days ago