Great hike with diversity of environment. Rocks, trees, ocean. Very windy especially towards the end.

Fun walk over the lava fields and through the forest by the beach. Go past the lighthouse to the coral's amazing! Do not do this hike in the full sun, you'll melt!

Was great fun from the lighthouse on following white stone markers across the lava rock trail. Papaya tree had fruit at the second beach and was small but tasty.

worth the hike to the secluded beaches with many great views and interesting terrain

Great trail. The loose terrain makes it challenging. Highly recommend hiking boots or thick soles on your shoes

Great hike. Wear solid shoes - hat -water snack sunscreen. Winds are extremely storing especially by the light house. The views are unreal. Full sun exposure.
It's an omg type of hike - just amazing to see the volcanic rock - colors Of the ocean and the coral beach

Loved this trail. Mostly on lava rock so good soles needed. Hiking sandals are great as you will want to get your feet wet as you pass many secluded beaches. Great hidden pools in the lava rock cliffs, best is just below the light beacon. Bring water...mostly exposed and hot.

Pretty nice spot. Use to spearfish here A LOT. Some good shore fishing too down at the end off the cliffs. Those lava rocks are mean. so be careful. Those suckas hurt.

Great trail! Wear decent shoes due to walking on lava rock of different shapes and sizes. Most of trail exposed to sun. The views are fantastic.

Great beach vistas easy hike however you are so busy watching your feet because you are walking in lava rock you get bored....

Great spot to see the lava fields. The goats, coral shells, and scenery was wonderful. We followed kings highway to a beached cove. The trek was a challenge as it was mostly on golf ball sized lava rock. Ugh but the bay hike was great.

This was a stunning hike! We enjoyed trekking through the lava fields, and if you don't loop back directly, you can keep walking almost indefinitely going southward. We followed the King's Highway further down to an oasis/cove and took a short dip before heading back. All in all, our hike lasted maybe 2.5 hours at a pretty leisurely pace, but we could definitely have gone further if we'd brought more water along, because it was really hot!