My favorite trail. If you are lucky enough to live nearby and hike this trail everyday you will get yourself in great shape! The views are spectacular. You will meet people from all over the world hiking this trail; all seem to have a positive healthy energy about them.

One of my favorite trails. Amazing views of the giant mountain of granite, cool shaded woodsy walk, stream and lake views.

My husband and I hiked Stone Mountain today. The weather was amazing and the trail is well maintained. We enjoyed taking photographs, reading the carvings in the stone, and eating snacks at the summit. This was a chance to bond with nature as well as each other. I recommend this hike for athletes as well as families. The view of downtown is amazing. $15 per carload and plenty of free parking inside. $40 for annual pass if you plan on going more frequently.

My wife and I were in Atlanta for the weekend and hiked Stone Mountain. It was a lovely hike and we enjoyed taking photos. This location is close to Downtown Atlanta, if you have a car, It is a clean and easy hike for everybody.

trail running
1 month ago

Some of the best barefoot running trails in Atlanta! The smooth rocks on the main walk up trail are almost continuous; only one or two places with a little bit of crushed gravel to tiptoe over. And the view from the top is amazing! Different in every season and weather. Truly invigorating, and well worth the climb, as there are restrooms and free water fountains at the top. On the way down I like to follow the trails just off to the right. They're completely and thoroughly pine needle lined and very smooth for running; they offer a more gradual and less impactful descent. I adore this place! And where else in Atlanta I can I find such great elevation? Just sad I can't bring the dogs there onto the mountain; they can only walk around the bottom. But really there's too many people to bring them anyway. The least crowded time is midday mid week. But if it's a beautiful day, you will definitely not be alone. It's just too good there!

Local tip: get annual pass for $45 per car I think. Totally worth it if you'll go more than 3 times. Fill your car up with your friends and family and have a blast! Having a pass makes me go more often for sure.

trail running
1 month ago

Lots of well packed, well-traveled trail, good for barefoot trail running, as well as easy walking. Some sections have a lot of rocks or roots to mind your footing, which I like; keeps me on my toes! Nice variations in scenery: flat Lakeside, rolling Woods, bare rock face and beautiful streams leading into the lakes in places. Some beautiful leaf colors and wildflower displays along the way. I run it regularly. Quite empty on the weekdays, especially side trails, where I like to let the dogs run free for a bit.

Enjoyable hike, very crowded with all types of people and all abilities, several people with loud booming music. I would rate higher, but you have to pay $15 to even get to this place.

Great leg workout!

Well worth the climb. The views are incredible. There were kids/young adults rushing by on the way up. Some of them were on the side of the trail huffing and puffing before the top. Others were already headed back down.

I remember it well. A nice hike around the mountain. We went up later that day. There wer a lot of people on the trail but it was still nice,

If you read the reviews there are folks doing it in 17-19 minutes. It took me an hour and I was grateful just to get there. The veiws are amazing. That was five years ago. Not sure I will try it next time.

It has been five years since the last time but I still remember the beauty. Hopefully I will be in the area next year. This is one of the most popular hikes in the area and with good reason.

Hiked the loop counter clockwise. Enjoyed the entire trek. Easy hike for beginners. Don't forget a camera. Plenty of beautiful scenery. Took about 2 hours.