Enjoyable hike, very crowded with all types of people and all abilities, several people with loud booming music. I would rate higher, but you have to pay $15 to even get to this place.

Great leg workout!

Well worth the climb. The views are incredible. There were kids/young adults rushing by on the way up. Some of them were on the side of the trail huffing and puffing before the top. Others were already headed back down.

I remember it well. A nice hike around the mountain. We went up later that day. There wer a lot of people on the trail but it was still nice,

If you read the reviews there are folks doing it in 17-19 minutes. It took me an hour and I was grateful just to get there. The veiws are amazing. That was five years ago. Not sure I will try it next time.

It has been five years since the last time but I still remember the beauty. Hopefully I will be in the area next year. This is one of the most popular hikes in the area and with good reason.

Hiked the loop counter clockwise. Enjoyed the entire trek. Easy hike for beginners. Don't forget a camera. Plenty of beautiful scenery. Took about 2 hours.

A great and strenuous walk through several disparate ecosystems with various terrains and telling doing change in elevation. And also some use through the prism of 19th-century living that are still standing along the trails. Call this makes for at least a four star hiking trail just minutes from the bustle of Atlanta.

A nice climb for exercise and good views. Fairly heavily trafficked with a gondola building at the top. Not a hike to do if you want peace and quiet.

trail running
2 months ago

The trail was wooded and shaded for the most part. Went on 09/24/16 and encountered quite a few people along the way. Not as private and serene as I would of liked. To continue on the trail, many times you walk out of the woods to cross a street or end up at a tourist/ populated area such as a park, picnic area, windmill, etc. Had to pay $15 parking fee to enter Stone Mountain Park in order to hike this trail.

Steep incline to the top. Very open and sun exposed. Went on 09/24/16 and there were lots of people.

Quick and fun hike. Great views. A little more crowded, but there's lots of space to spread out and relax at the top.

2 months ago

Short hike near city Atlanta. It took me 19 minute going up. It can be varied by individual and weather. Great view!